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Monday Quotes: The Man Who Runs America


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"I maintain that Obama doesn't know what he's talking about."

"We don't know if Obama's talking about receipts or profits regarding his tax plan -- because nobody's asking him! I'm not the one promising to raise your taxes; the little squirrel Obama is. So somebody needs to ask him: 'Are you talking about receipts or profit?'"

"In a way, McCain's right: we do have them right where we want them because they think it's over. And any time somebody with three weeks to go is this sure that it's over, they are ripe."

"Well, let's see here... The stock market is up 583 right now -- I'm waiting for Obama to take credit for it. The gasoline price is down on average 35 cents across the country -- I'm waiting for Obama to takecredit for it."

"I have a couple of conservative friends in Connecticut, and all they read is the New York Times -- what the hell? I tell them, 'You people need to join America; you ain't it.'"

"I love relying on the character, the strength, and the wisdom of the American people, but you have to keep educating people for that wisdom and strength and character because the left perpetually tries to dumb them down."

"You need profit to hire people, Obama, not government. Although, I don't think Obama cares or even knows about this -- he's a socialist."

"I am universally loved and admired, and if I can say 'my friends' and make it palatable, then it will be palatable to you when you hear Senator McCain say it twice or three times every sentence."

"Reagan moved the country to the right. He didn't get Democrat votes by telling Democrats they're going to be comfortable in the Republican Party because we're going to deemphasize conservatism; Reagan made several million Democrats like conservatism."

"Some people over the weekend were calling me Christopher Columbus for discovering new ways to do things. Hee, hee, hee."



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