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Thursday Quotes: The Maha Rushie


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"Republicans will pay thousands to get women into clothes, while Democrats spend thousands to get women out of their clothes."

"Two-thirds of Iraq is now under control of Iraqi security forces; it's a major, major victory -- a major story. Unfortunately, nobody cares."

"I just got an e-mail from a woman telling me that Hillary's pantsuit color was not 'pumpkin', but 'shell orange'. Ladies, listen: when we men saw the pantsuit that Hillary Clinton was wearing, we saw a pumpkin!"

"$150,000 is the amount of money the RNC spent on Palin. Say, do you think Steve Gobie might have raised 150 grand for male hookers in Barney Frank's townhouse back in the 1980s?"

"I dare say that not one of the reporters or reporterettes that has put Sarah Palin under the lights could stand up twice to the treatment that she has received and still run around and smile and enjoy what she is doing."

"The idea that these Democrats are the people who are the most tolerant and compassionate among us really offends me. Actually, it does more than that -- it enrages me."

"Obama said, 'If you don't put family first, you're probably not the kind of person that's going to be caring for other people.' He has a half-brother living in a hut!"

"Propaganda couldn't keep the Soviet Union afloat, and propaganda will not protect the media from collapse, either. The media, if this keeps up, will collapse of its own immorality."

"Markets are looking for good news, and it's not gonna come in a BS New York Times poll that says Obama's up 15 points. The markets are dealing in reality; they see Hurricane Obama coming."

"Employers don't hire people for tax breaks -- they hire them because they need their productivity, for crying out loud, Obama!"



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