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Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!


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"Joe Biden said, 'Their pensions go first!' He's going to take away people's pensions! If you let that happen, he can take away yours."

"I don't think that Obama understood what capital gains taxes were when he started talking about making them progressive, and I'm not sure he knows right now that payroll taxes are taken out of workers' paychecks. And furthermore, I don't think he cares."

"The intellectuals say, 'The Republican Party has to have a big tent.' That's code for: 'We have to have some pro-choicers in our party to get rid of the influence of these hayseed hicks in the south who are pro-life.'"

"These 'moderate' Republicans who wanted the 'big tent', they have taken the party exactly where they said they wanted it to be, and when it got there, these little cowards jumped the ship. I have lost all respect for these people."

"If economies are built 'bottom up', Obama, wouldn't Mexico be the number one economy in the world? Wouldn't Cuba be an international superpower?"

"This guy Obama is a pure, unadulterated socialist, and he is unapologetic about it no matter how far back you go in his adult life. Plus, almost all of his beliefs are grounded in a rage and anger over racial division."

"If you think the liberals' ideas of 'change' involves you getting happy, forget it -- unless you want to be happy because other people are getting screwed."

"The minute you say that conservatism includes people who are pro-choice, you've destroyed conservatism, because conservatism stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and without life, there is nothing else, is there?"

"I wish to ask all of you influential, pseudo-intellectual conservative media types who have abandoned McCain (and you know who you are): What happened to your precious theory that only John McCain could enlarge this party by getting moderates and independents?"

"The dirty little secret is that the vast majority of the people in this country live their lives as conservatives, and given conservative leadership, they'll respond to it in landslide droves."



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