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Wednesday Quotes: The Real Captain America


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"Make no mistake, my fellow Americans: A Barack Obama victory is a victory over the American people."

"I do remember reading that the highly educated are the most susceptible to being hypnotized, so that would put me in the risk group, ladies and gentlemen. And yet, I'm going to watch Obama tonight."

"The guy that scores the touchdown and starts gloating and taunting other people.... People watch that and say, 'I hope that team loses.' People love people getting comeuppances, and I think people are going to say, 'Okay, Obama, we see a little overkill here.'"

"Barack Obama speaks the language of the socialist. He peddles class warfare. He peddles human envy. And this is not what American leaders do. This is the tactic of the authoritarian."

"Your best resource is not somebody else. I don't care if it's your parents, I don't care if it's your family, I don't care if it's your president: you'll end up having to do it. If you don't do it for yourself, nobody else is going to do it for you."

"If you do watch Obama tonight, here's the sign that I want you to make for your TV: 'Do not be hypnotized. You are listening to a socialist.'"

"They who actually use our freedom are those who prosper. They are the ones who overcome. Meanwhile, those who sit around and wait for a resource other than themselves to lift them up are going to be forever waiting."

"If you, as a voter, have rejected liberalism once in your life, you have a duty to reject it at every opportunity you have. I mean, liberalism is a demonstrable failure. It is a system that creates as much misery as possible under the guise of creating compassion and hope."

"Imagine, folks, if you talked to your girlfriend the way Democrats talk about America: 'Honey, I love you, I really do, but God, I really hate your life history! Some of the people in your family... I actually think because of your family you're a rotten racist homophobe.'"

"I don't know -- what is a 'structural feminist'? One who needs an IED or an IUD or something?"



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