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Rush's Morning Update: Art!

Rush's Morning Update: Art!
November 18, 2008

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New York City officials have been asked to explain why they ordered the Cooper Union art school-- a prominent liberal fixture-- to remove a huge banner of Josef Stalin from their building.

According to Cooper Union, the banner promoted an exhibit called "Stalin by Picasso" and was intended to"provoke discussion about the relationship between art and politics." Well, it worked. New York's Ukrainian community was so upset that they complained in droves to city officials.

For those of you who attended public schools, let me explain: Though he's hugely admired in liberal circles, Josef Stalin murdered some 20 million people-- including millions of Ukrainians he literally starved to death-- during his reign as a Soviet communist dictator.

After the complaints poured in, city officials discovered that the art skrooldidn't have the necessary permit to hang the oversized banner, which violated construction and zoning regulations. So they ordered it removed. That offended the delicate sensibilities of the New York Civil Liberties Union. The outraged lawyers are now demanding to know why the city is actually enforcing the law and picking on poor ol' "Uncle Joe" Stalin.

May I suggest a solution? Why don't you liberal educators and lawyers just hang life-size portraits of Stalin-- and all the other murderous thug commie-pinko dictators you adore-- in your offices? Nobody can stop you from doing that! This is America!

(For now.)

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