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Don't Panic: Democracy Isn't Dead

RUSH: Bloomington, Illinois. Floyd, I'm glad you waited. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello.CALLER: Yeah, Rush?RUSH: Yeah.CALLER: Yeah, mega dittos, sir.RUSH: I appreciate that.CALLER: Okay, Bo wanted me to talk about the speech? And provide my feelings on the speech?RUSH: Yeah, yeah, that's why we took your call.CALLER: Okay. I found it very boring. You know, I wasn't following what he was saying, you know, and everything. And I found myself a couple of times actually drifting...

Come On, Senator Coburn!

RUSH: This afternoon, CBS TV, after the inauguration of Obama, Jeff Greenfield spoke to Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. Coburn says, "I think everybody, no matter what your political persuasion, wants Obama to be highly successful in what he's attempting to do."GREENFIELD: That's interesting because Rush Limbaugh, probably the most prominent conservative commentator in America, said just a few days ago, "I know what he wants to do, and I don't want him to succeed." Are there, among...

Caller Interprets Today's Poems

RUSH: Lincoln, Nebraska. Paul, your turn on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. How are you doing?RUSH: Fine.CALLER: Hey.RUSH: Fine, very well, thank you.CALLER: You asked earlier for an interpretation so I'm going to give you my interpretation of the dream, and although I'm a good capitalist, I'm not going to ask for part of your kingdom as payment.RUSH: Wait, you mean the interpretation of the poem?CALLER: Yeah.RUSH: Yeah.CALLER: It was a reference to our everyday...

Obama Speech Chiseled in Stone

RUSH: Let's go to the top of the day. This is Dianne Feinstein introducing the Chief Justice.FEINSTEIN: It is my distinct honor to present the Chief Justice of the United States, the honorable John G. Roberts, Jr., who will administer the presidential oaf (sic) of office. Everyone, please stand.RUSH: Yes, my friends, she said "oaf," with an F, "of office." Now, the actual "oaf" of office was botched out there. I don't know who botched it. I don't know if John Roberts got it wrong or if Obama...

Lowery and the Poet Steal the Show

RUSH: The prayer by the Reverend Joseph Lowery, ladies and gentlemen, was far more memorable than the inaugural address by President Obama. It just was. I mean, if you want to etch -- if you want to chisel -- some words in stone, "The brown can stick around when yellow will be mellow; when the red man can get ahead, get ahead, man; and when white would embrace what is right." These are memorable lines. I think what happened with Obama is he tried to say too much. He made too many references...

Did DiFi Really Say "Oaf" of Office?

RUSH: I want you to listen to Dianne Feinstein, who introduced the oath of office ceremony with Chief Justice John Roberts. Here, it's just 14 seconds. Listen carefully as we replay Dianne Feinstein here.FEINSTEIN: It is my distinct honor to present the chief justice of the United States, the honorable John G. Roberts, Jr., who will administer the presidential oaf [sic] of office. Everyone, please stand.RUSH: Now, I'm not trying to stir things up here, but did she say "oaf"? It sounded like...

The Truth About Obama's Speech: An Uninspiring, Generic Buzzkill

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I must admit to you here that I'm a bit conflicted about what happened here today and what to say about it, being totally candid and up front and honest with you. There's no question it's an historic day in the United States of America. There is no question that this is a day that has been built up and hyped, the inaugural address, we were told, would be soaring, that the words would be chiseled into stone -- CNN reported this yesterday -- and this is what happens...

44th President of the United States Inaugurated with a Botched Oath

CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: I, Barack (Bleep) Obama do --PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA: I, Barack --CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: -- do solemnly swear.PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA: I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear.CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: That I will execute the office of president to the United States faithfully.PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA: That I will execute...CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: Faithfully the office of president of the United States.PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA: The office of president...

Rush's Morning Update: Hope-Change January 21, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Hope-ChangeJanuary 21, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer My friends, the grand pomp and circumstance is over...at least for the moment. The magnificent walk into destiny has been accomplished. The original sin which has plagued this nation since our founding has been temporarily relegated to the sidelines, overshadowed by the emergence of "The One."The Messiah, Lord Barack Hussein Obama The Most Merciful...

Tuesday Quotes: From The Last Man Standing

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Remember the campaign, folks, when Barack Obama's speeches would leave people spent sweaty, and orgasmic? None of that happened today.""It finally hit me what I thought I was listening to when I was listening to the poem. This sounds just like the voice in my GPS system in my car." "I think the best analysis that I can offer you of the Obama speech today, why it didn't work, is that he tried to marry growth and fairness.""This...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1:Bush Goes Home to House He's Never Seen RUSH: President Bush is now -- former President Bush -- on Marine One heading out to Andrews Air Force Base where he will greet members of his staff in the hangar out there and then board the jet and head to Midland, Texas. Now, he has purchased a house in Dallas. You know, he's never seen the house that his wife bought? He's never seen it. He's seen pictures of it. But he's going to go to Midland, Texas, first, and eventually end up in his new home...


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