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Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!


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"Do you know what the best stimulus to the economy would be right now? Doing nothing!"

"We have now all learned that the classical music quartet that played a special composition by John Williams at the immaculation on Tuesday faked it. Milli Vanilli may as well have been on stage. So I have a question: Was anything on Tuesday real?"

"The Drive-Bys are reporting on my failure to drink the Obama Kool-Aid when it's their job to do exactly what I am doing: it is their job to be skeptical!"

"Right now the American people are not thinking, and so we have to find a way to reach them by virtue of emotion. I just don't think reason is the way to approach these people right now."

"What it really comes down to is that the Republican Party is made up of a bunch of elite, moderate, Rockefeller-types. Plus, these liberal Republican guys... their wives are always nagging them about abortion."

"I won't be surprised if Blago weasels out of this, and, frankly, I wouldn't be disappointed. It would serve as a great daily reminder of just what you get with Democrat power politics."

"I would counsel Obama to not sweat this little stuff. On the big issues, like socializing the country, these Drive-Bys are going to be right there with you, Barry."

"The United States will now pay aid money for abortions around the world during the Obama era of responsibility. Let's hear it for responsibility! Do I hear an 'attaboy'?"

"Governor Paterson said Caroline Kennedy was never seriously considered once the vetting process was complete because she was mired in some 'potentially embarrassing personal issues'. As though that's a liability? That's a requirement if you are a Kennedy! In fact, a badge of honor."

"I have two commodes in my dining room, and not one person has ever said, 'Wow, Rush, what's a toilet doing in here?'"



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