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A Phone Message for the Repo Man

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, Tuesday afternoon after the program I interviewed Bernard Goldberg on his latest book: A Slobbering Love Affair. It's about the media totally in the tank for Obama, and he told a story of a phone call he had heard, a woman calling somebody that wanted to repossess her car, and we found it. This dovetails with Henrietta and Julio at Fort Myers at the Obama-Oprah show at Fort Myers -- and I'm sure Brian, who called us from wherever he called moments ago, will be able...

More Regulation & Investigation

RUSH: You want to hear how bad it's going to get? Barney Frank last night on MSNBC. Question: "Should these banks be constrained by doing those things by rules rather than shamed when they don't do them?"FRANK: We will very soon be adopting a set of regulations. Eh, eh, eh, we're going to be doing essentially now what Franklin Roosevelt had to do in the New Deal, what Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson had to do around the turn of the last century. I think by the summer we're going to have...

Cessna Fights Back Against the Democrat Assault on Private Aviation

RUSH: Let's go to the audio sound bites. This is, let's see, Brad Sherman (Democrat-California) interviewing -- or interrogating -- the bank CEOs yesterday as part of the House Financial Services Committee hearing.SHERMAN: I'd like you to raise your hand if your company currently owns or leases a private plane. Let the record show all the hands, uh, went up except, uh, for the, uh, gentleman from, uh, Goldman Sachs. Gentlemen, we know that it is extremely expensive to operate these planes, that...

Brian: Poster Child for Class Envy

RUSH: I just saw, by the way, ladies and gentlemen, Air Force One with Barack Obama. Let me tell you a little bit about that plane. We're talking aviation today. Let me tell you a little bit about Air Force One and Andrews Air Force Base. If you are landing, if you ever have the right approach at Baltimore Washington International and you're on the right side of the airplane, look out the window and you will see the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base, and you will see a bunch of corporate jets that...

Callers Speak Up for the Achievers

RUSH: Here is Sue Ann in Pozo, California. It's nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Oh, Maha Rushie, I'm very nervous. I choose not to participate in any of this that's going on, and I think other people should choose the same.RUSH: What do you mean by that?CALLER: Anybody who can live on as little as possible or is smart enough to learn how to live on as little as possible can choose not to participate. It sounds horrible, but if we (laughs) bring it on faster.RUSH: Oh, I...

Drive-Bys Giddy Over the Porkulus

RUSH: Let me ask you a question. Except when I'm here doing the program, I don't watch any news. I don't learn anything from it anymore, and it makes me mad when I watch it. But I watch it when I'm here. News, financial, cable, whatever it is. As I have watched the reporting -- and I've mentioned this a couple times previous to today, but as I have watched the reporting -- on the Porkulus bill, I get a sense of giddiness and happiness from all the talking heads reporting it. They don't care...

Porkulus: The Depressing Details

RUSH: Now, yesterday Dingy Harry goes out there with -- and he's got his RINO Republicans with him, got Susan Collins, who I remember telling, I watched what she said yesterday. It was pathetic. It was embarrassing. Of all the brain cells that she has, the ones that are the size of an amoeba were the ones working yesterday. It was just pathetic to listen to what she said. I didn't hear what Specter said, but people told me what Specter said and it was not much better. I did hear what Senator...

President Obama Attaches Himself to the Mythical "Bipartisan" Lincoln

RUSH: Today is the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, and I watched a little bit of the Capitol Rotunda ceremony celebrating the bicentennial of his birth. For those of you who voted for Obama, 200 years is what bicentennial means. It's years I watched as Obama came out, made his remarks about Lincoln. It's amazing to me. No, no, it's not. It's depressing. It's depressing how little is really known about Abraham Lincoln. There are myths and then there are quite a few things about him are true,...

Obama's Stimulus: $13 a Week

RUSH: We're searching for the audio of this. I could have sworn that we had the audio of this, but we checked the archives, and we don't. Shortly after George W. Bush proposed his first stimulus rebate check program it was about March last year, or February, with the checks beginning to arrive in June. Remember this? And what was the amount of those checks? Was it $600? Six hundred dollars for a single and $1,200 for a couple, something like that, right? None of us really remember because we...

The Coming Liberal Economic Spin

RUSH: Look, ladies and gentlemen, we now know what the tax cuts are going to add up to for those of you who get them. What is it, $13 a month? Yeah, $13 a week , $13 more. So what, four times thirteen? Fifty-two bucks a month, $52 a month which ought to buy some more cat food or dog food. It's $52 a month starting in June -- and next January, about a year from now, they'll cut back to $32 a month, $8 a week. That's what the tax cut is in the stimulus bill. Now, still they're not going to vote...

Rush's Morning Update: Change!

Rush's Morning Update: Change!February 13, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer I realize that some of you, particularly you Democrats, do not want to hear a detailed analysis of all of the provisions in the Porkulus package that is expected to pass Congress shortly;you have that in common with the politicians who voted for it.So I'm going to meet your expectations todayand cut to the chase. I'm going to give you to bottom...

Thursday Quotes: Your Robust Defender of Capitalism

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"If there aren't any conservatives in the Northeast that can get elected, then fine -- we don't need any more Republicans In Name Only.""World stock markets are plunging; they have no confidence in the American economy right now. You know, none of this was supposed to happen, but believe me: this is where the Obamaites want us. This kind of fear and panic and crisis will allow them to come back and say, 'We need another trillion.'""It's...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Rich Cut Back on Payments to MistressesRUSH: I'll tell you, it is really, really bad. It's worse than I thought out there. The Wall Street Journal has a story today about a survey by some outfit called Prince & Assoc., and according to this survey, more than 80% of multimillionaires are cutting back on payments to their mistresses. You know it's bad when the rich are cutting back on payments to mistresses. Here are the details: "[M]ore than 80% of multimillionaires who had extra-marital...


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