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The Washington Protection Racket

RUSH: Here's Todd in Cortland, Ohio. Glad you waited. You are on Open Line Friday. Hello.CALLER: Hey, Rush, how are you?RUSH: Fine, sir.CALLER: I'll try to make this quick because I'm still on hold with Rezko mortgage company. So if I hang up, I apologize.RUSH: That's the Rezko Rescue from yesterday. (laughing)CALLER: (laughing)RUSH: Good for you, sir. The Rezko mortgage company. Good for you, sir.CALLER: Hey, Rush, real quick it seems like with this administration, if you need something,...

Is the President in Over His Head?

RUSH: Steve in Dry Ridge, Kentucky. Great to have you on Open Line Friday, Steve. Hello.CALLER: Rush, how are you doing?RUSH: Excellent to outstanding, sir.CALLER: First-time caller, been listening since '92. Been living up in Maine, Bangor, Maine, and I think Stephen King bought the little small-time radio station so he could get you off there. Was that like '94, '93? Anyway, my point, can't even call him president, but Mr. Obama has no clue what it takes to be a manager, leader. I was...

The Enforcers Assault Rick Santelli

RUSH: Anyway, remember when Sarah Palin was introduced by Senator McCain, the left-wing media and a number of people, lawyers were dispatched to Alaska to go through her garbage and anything else to find anything incriminating? Planeloads of liberal lawyers. So poor old Rick Santelli of CNBC, I'm just wondering how long it will be before planeloads of liberal lawyers sweep into his neighborhood, go through his trash, check out his kids' dating habits, because the White House obviously could not...

Rush Reads His WSJ Op-Ed

RUSH: Okay, I'm going to bow to pressure. I'm going to bow to popular demand and I'm going to share with you the op-ed today that I wrote in the Wall Street Journal, "Mr. President, Keep the Airwaves Free." It's an open letter to President Obama. (interruption) What are you mouthing at me? What are you...? (interruption) Well, it's tough to prove, Dawn, but it is strange. I submit -- by request, by the way. The Journal asked me for this, so I said, "Okay. I'll set something up and I'll get it...

God Love Joe and Colonel Poole

RUSH: Ellijay, Georgia. Joe, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.CALLER: Rush, I'm really fired up about your article in the Wall Street Journal, terrific article, and I agree with Rick Santelli of CNBC. We need a peaceful taxpayers revolt, Rush. I am disgusted. I've been a stockholder for 40 years. I'm one of those I guess so-called successful people, and, by golly, we need to cut the capital gains, we need to get the president to start paying attention to the stock market and the Congress...

Americans are Keeping Score

RUSH: I want to ask those of you in this audience -- those of you liberals and especially those of you in this audience who are moderates -- who voted for President Obama on the basis that you thought we're getting somebody truly different and magnanimous. We were going to get a new president that was going to wipe away all of the old arguments and trivialize all the old disagreements and were going to truly become a country on the upward move to lofty new heights not before realized. That's really...

Congressman James Clyburn: Opposing the Porkulus is Racist

RUSH: As you know, Eric Holder came out couple days ago and said that America is a "nation of cowards" on racial matters. We've done pretty good integrating the workplace, but on Friday we go our own separate ways. Whites don't want to talk to blacks. Asians don't want to talk to anybody, whoever, whatever. This is a tremendous insult to the people of this country. But there's a great piece in the American Thinker today from somebody who says Holder is probably exactly right. (interruption) Yes,...

The Market Be Damned: Joe Biden Admits "Fairness" is Obama's Goal

RUSH: So I'm watching, Obama's addressing the mayors today in the East Room, some mayors from across the country, and it was surreal. Everything he said about his stimulus package was a lie, and every lie that he uttered the mayors applauded. He lied about four million new jobs being created in the next two years, all the while the market is collapsing, poverty is on the increase in America. There certainly are two Americas now, and it's shaping up as the politicians and the bureaucrats versus...

Nightline's Terry Moran: Obama Took "Step Down" to Oval Office

RUSH: There's a blog out there called mediabistro.com, TVNewser and so forth, and the TV people read it religiously. I mean not too many other members of the public do, but it's big in the TV business. They have a show on there; it's a web radio show. Oh, by the way, the Wall Street Journal did publish my op-ed today. We linked to it at RushLimbaugh.com or you can go to the Wall Street Journal opinion page and see it yourself. Terry Moran of ABC's Nightline was the guest. This is what he said...

Rush's Morning Update: Judas February 23, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: JudasFebruary 23, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Bound to happen: California Democrats have succeeded. In the midst of this recession, taxpayers are going to get squashed again with an additional $13 billion of sales, personal income, and automobile taxes.Governor Schwarzenegger saluted the lawmakers, calling their actions "courageous." Republicans, however, are livid. The one-vote margin to inflict...

Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"I think the Obama people are trying to make the economy worse. They're trying to sink the stock market. It's hard to conclude otherwise.""When you listen to Obama, you have to assume the opposite on veritably everything he says. Does anybody really believe that he's going to call out any federal agency that wastes any money? His whole plan is to waste money!" "Terry Moran, you are embarrassing. You don't know anything about Barack...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: NY State Considers $10 Fee to File Taxes on PaperRUSH: New York state seriously considering charging $10 for every resident to file their income tax if they do so with paper. If you file electronically, no ten dollar fee; if you file with paper, ten bucks. Story #2: Bank Fees to Withdraw Unemployment Benefits?RUSH: And for the hundreds of thousands of you losing your jobs, you're probably going to have to start paying a fee to the bank to get your unemployment benefits. You're going...


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