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Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!


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"I think the Obama people are trying to make the economy worse. They're trying to sink the stock market. It's hard to conclude otherwise."

"When you listen to Obama, you have to assume the opposite on veritably everything he says. Does anybody really believe that he's going to call out any federal agency that wastes any money? His whole plan is to waste money!"

"Terry Moran, you are embarrassing. You don't know anything about Barack Obama, and you and your network and all the others purposely and studiously avoided any investigation to find out who he is."

"Rick Santelli is on the hot seat. I feel sorry for the guy. How long is it going to be before planeloads of liberal lawyers and reporters sweep into his neighborhood and start going through his trash?"

"I want to ask those of you liberals -- and especially you moderates -- in the audience who voted for President Obama on the basis that you thought we're getting somebody truly different and magnanimous... Do you think that's what you've gotten here?"

"Despite all of this PC BS that the left has tried to shove down people's throats, most people still understand the traditional value of hard work and living within their means. Andso now they're starting to ask: 'Why in the hell should I pay for somebody else's bad decisions?'"

"The dirty little secret is Obama can say he opposes the Fairness Doctrine all day long, but if the FCC can get three votes to reinstitute it, it's done. So we'll see who he appoints to the FCC to head the thing up."

"Have they capped Brian Williams' salary at $500,000 yet? You have a relation with him over there, Kit. Call him up and ask him. Because if they haven't, they should."

"I'm sensing the pulse of a backlash, of a revolution. The people, the mob, the great unwashed, the people who make the country work -- they're going to turn. They turn slowly, but after they've made the slow turn, it's going to be like the tide coming in. It'll be unstoppable."

"I'm sorry to laugh, but this HUD portion of the stimulus bill... This is beyond welfare, folks: this is pure redistributionism."



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