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Tuesday Quotes: The Maha Rushie


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"How long will Obama's speech be? Will it be an Obama one hour, a Hugo Chavez two hours, or a Fidel Castro three hours?"

"We have a president who is the exact opposite of the way he is portrayed. We have a president who has ambitions that are not being reported on. We have a president who was not vetted, and any attempt to be truthful about him is met with, 'Oh, come on, don't be paranoid!'"

"Obama is not 'Reaganesque'. He's Big Brotheresque!He's Orwellian!And you all need to put a sign on your TV tonight while watching his speech: 'He means the opposite of what he says.'"

"Frankly, I am not excited about Wall Street hanging over every syllable that comes out of Washington, but that's where we are. Central Planning has taken over, and so the markets are responding to what is said by idiots."

"I would love it if somebody tripped over the teleprompter cord tonight during Obama's speech."

"Somebody said, 'You don't sound like you're ready to throw in the towel.' I'm not. I have all the faith in the world in the American people to overcome the obstacles thrown in their way, because that's our history."

"We have been here before. You think it's bad now? You should've seen what Republican conservatism was like in 1965 after Goldwater's defeat. That was bad."

"It took us decades to recover from Roosevelt, and it took us decades to recover from Johnson. Will it take us decades this time, and will we have the decades?"

"It's time for entrepreneurs to go ahead and be entrepreneurial. It's time for people to start accessing the opportunities that still do exist in this country. It is the people who have always made this country workwho willmake it work, because it's the people who will eventually turn this tide."

"I don't understand why anybody gives two hoots in hell what Sean Penn says."



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