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Rush's Morning Update: Eulogy March 2, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Eulogy
March 2, 2009

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My friends, it is my solemn duty to offer words of consolation --a tribute, of sorts --after the passing of a once-beloved figure in America.

In 1859, when life was simpler, the Rocky Mountain News was born; a newspaper that the AP says "has long been a scrapper." It was the first newspaper in Denver --before Colorado was even a state. As it grew into adulthood, it faced stiff competition,but always survived.

Until now. Journalists at the Drive-By Media icon no longer ponder that age-old question, "for whom the bell tolls," because it tolled for them. Last Friday, the final edition of the Rocky Mountain News went to press,and then the coffin lid closed. The Rocky Mountain News became the latest casualty in the slow, painful, Drive-By Media collapse.

There are more deaths to come,and it isn't only because of the growth of the internet -- or the price of newsprint-- as they always claim. No, in bright blue cities from coast to coast, liberal newspapers are floundering. The proud and mightyNew York Timeswas put on life support when a Mexican financier pumped in millions to keep the aged liberal dinosaur alive. The San Francisco Chronicle is on its last legs. As is the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune...the list, happily, justgoes on.

But time ran out for the "old scrapper." The Rocky Mountain news is dead. So America bids a fond farewell. Call the Obama Administration -- they're hiring.


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