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Tuesday Quotes: Your Conservative Rock


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"The Forehead, Paul Begala, he's the kid that played the banjo on the bridge in the movie Deliverance."

"You know, people don't laugh anymore; people don't understand sarcasm as a form of humor. Sarcasm is not permitted anymore. Sarcasm is considered mean. And I do sarcasm and irony aimed at liberals better than anybody."

"My question to the journalists who are acting as total butt boys for this administration is: You all have your own degree of wealth... Is the idea of the remaking of America into a so-called socialist paradise so important to you that you will sit around and happily -- without any concern -- watch your wealth dissipate?"

"There was a CNN contributor who said that Obama's speeches are like sex. I can see how that's true: when Obama speaks, the American people get screwed."

"Oppressors, people who would deny freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, people that want power, people who have incredible egos who think they can do it better... That's what we're dealing with here. But I'm not going to cash in on the fight for liberty."

"This is an ideal time for Republicans to set the stage for 2010 and to start running around talking about philosophy and principles, because, you know something, folks? When you live by your principles, the policy comes naturally."

"The Democrats should be leery of me, because last time they came at me like this, I led the Republican Party out of the wilderness."

"Robert Gibbs said, 'I can only imagine what might have been said a few years ago if somebody might have said we want failure in the country or our endeavors overseas.' For God's sakes -- the Democrat Party not only wanted failure, they proclaimed it!"

"When I listen to you people in the White House press corps, I actually come to the conclusion that you think that we're just to surrender everything we believe in so Obama's remaking the nation becomes a reality. Whatever Obama wants, he's going to get. Well, I'm not giving up, and nor are any of the people on my side."

"This mindless twit butt boy criticism is not going to drive me out of here."



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