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Teachable Moment: Obama Fan Accuses Rush of Dividing America

RUSH: Pensacola, Florida. Michelle, thank you for waiting. Welcome to the EIB Network.CALLER: Hi.RUSH: Hi.CALLER: How are you?RUSH: Good. I'm excellent. Never better.CALLER: Well, good.RUSH: Yes.CALLER: I'm calling, I've just been listening for a short time.RUSH: Hm-hm.CALLER: But I'm curious about some of the stuff that you say. For instance, when you say what you hear is what we want you to hear, what do you mean?RUSH: Well, it's not really that complicated. But you gotta again...

Obama to Attack Somalia for Oil

RUSH: "Defense officials said that the United States military --" I'm sorry. Let me rewrite this. Who wrote this? Fox News. They're slipping up. "Defense officials said the US military is considering attacks on Somali pirate bases on land and aid for the people there to help stop the hijacking of ships off Africa's coast, Bloomberg.com reported." This is not Fox, I'm sorry, Bloomberg got it wrong. President Obama's "plan would include helping Somalia create their own coast guard and train...

A Note to New EIB Listeners

RUSH: I had a number of people e-mail today during the course of the first hour of the program, ladies and gentlemen, expressing anger and dissatisfaction with the callers on today's program, claiming the callers have not been up to the usual caliber and so forth. Others are writing to express their confusion over the program today. Let me just give you a sample. I address all this, by the way, to those of you who are new to the program. Here's just an example. This is just one sample. "Dear...

Why Would Anyone Stay in NYC?

RUSH: In recent days on this program, we talked about the tax increases scheduled for New York, the millionaires tax that will hit single people at $200,000 a year, married couples at $300,000 a year. We have learned that Governor Paterson has said if he had known that these tax increases would drive me out of New York as a place to do business, he would have raised taxes even sooner. They have said in New York that, "Look, New Jersey did this, and nobody left New Jersey." New Jersey? They're...

Second in Command of Maersk Alabama Has Message for Obama

RUSH: I got an e-mail folks. Get this, from a gentleman in Ohio who's really bummed out by the rescue of the captain of the Maersk Alabama. You'll recall that on this program last week, we had a couple of audio sound bites from the commander of the USS Cole, it had a hole blown in it when it was docked at a port in Yemen. The commander of the USS Cole praised the Somali merchant marine organizers as having a brilliant business model. His point was that they're not terrorists, they're criminals....

Obama Uses Rescue Operation to Further His Domestic Agenda

RUSH: Just as I predicted mere moments ago, closing out the previous segment: What did I say? I'll remind you. I said that the success of the operation led by and performed by President Obama to rescue the ship's captain will be used to drive up poll numbers which will then be used to further Obama's domestic agenda. While freeing the captain and giving him liberty, even more of ours will erode. Here is President Obama speaking at the Department of Transportation today, another portion of...

In Praise of President Obama's Cool Hand, Bravery and Brilliance

RUSH: I want to single out today, Jonah Goldberg at National Review Online for being the first that I saw to have the proper reaction to the rescue of Captain Phillips from the merchant marine organizers, and that was to congratulate President Obama for a job well done. And I think we all must agree, folks, that when Obama does something right, we gotta go out there and we've got to acknowledge it. We gotta say he did a great job, and we've gotta be open-minded to the fact that Obama's going to...

Rush's Morning Update: Tests April 14, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: TestsApril 14, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Mission Accomplished! The media is reveling in the Navy SEAL rescue of Captain Richard Phillips, held hostage for five days bythe Somali merchant marine organizers. Finally, a military victory the Drive-Bys can celebrate.The Washington Post titled the operation "an early military victory for Obama," calling it "one of the earliest tests of the new American...

Monday Quotes: The Man Who Runs America

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Obama flipped the world the bird and acted alone on the pirates because the world embarrassed him and gave him nothing on his world tour.""The Somali pirates tried to hold us up for $2 million, but the Beltway pirates are looking for $10 trillion from the United States and her people. And even if we pony up the $10 trillion ransom demanded by the Beltway pirates, they still won't release us.""I don't know why community organizers...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: ChiCom Drywall Fouls Rebuilt Katrina Homes RUSH: You may think the big news is the brilliant Obama administration rescue of the captain over the merchant marine organizers, but the big news is that a victim of Katrina in Louisiana wants another flood so they can get rid of all the ChiCom drywall that they are using to rebuild. Good grief.Story #2: The Consequences of the Self-Esteem MovementRUSH: This next story I have been warning this country about for at least 15 years, when I first...


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