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Rush's Morning Update: Succeed May 12, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Succeed
May 12, 2009

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In an attempt to add window dressing to his massive $1.3 trillion budget, President Obama released a list of proposed cuts. Among the items considered wasteful spending:

•Funding to keep illegal aliens with felony convictions in custody.
•A program that helps the families of slain cops.
•A Bush-era program that helped historically black colleges and universities. They're just 3 percent of all colleges,but they graduate 20 percent of blacks. So, in addition to killing voucher programs that help grade school minority students,the Obama Administration wants to whack black college students.

Oh,there's another tax increase in Obama's latest detailed budget: a tax that everybody pays to fly commercial airlines. That's going up, too.

But, budget aside,there is also news about the Porkulus bill that Democrats passed, and Obama signed. According to an analysis by the AP, counties that are hardest hit by unemploymentstand to receive the least help from the so-called stimulus bill. Part of the reason the poor communities won't be helpedis that they didn't have "shovel-ready" infrastructure projects planned; they couldn't afford them. So their poor will stay poorand unemployed.

Now, when it comes to putting dangerous illegalsback on the street, hurting families of slain cops, killing minority education gains, and hurting poor communities...I guess it's safe to say: Democrats still want Obama to succeed. Eh?


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