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Thursday Quotes: The Truth Detector!


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"The truth does not require a majority to prevail. The truth is its own power. The truth willout. Never forget that."

"So we have Pelosi flailing around on torture, Obama doing a 180 on the interrogation photos, and now Obama doing a 180 on detainees. Can I translate all this for you? It's very simple: Dick Cheney gets results."

"Nancy Pelosi gets a lot of exercise when she blinks. Do you realize the muscle exertion required for Nancy Pelosi to blink? I mean, if she works out daily she can skip it today because she had her exercise during the press conference."

"Basically there are two groups of people: you have the producers and achievers, and then you have the people that feed off of them. Well, I'm sorry. You can sit in there and laugh all you want, Snerdley."

"The news coming out of Washington is disgusting: news that we are going to control the salaries of banks executives, CEOs, and employees who had no TARP money taken... You know, Hugo Chavez doesn't have the cojones to try what Obama is trying without legislation."

"You could have said prior to the immaculation of Obama that we were a country drifting to the left, but we're not anymore. The country is now on a high-speed freight train left, and the media is carrying the coal for the engine of the high-speed freight train."

"The Obamas are eating hundred-dollar Kobe beef in the White House, throwing parties for people, and they spent $2,000 on a dog. Now, I don't begrudge them any of this, but when he's going to start saying, 'It's okay for me to do this, but it's not for you' -- that's when I get my dander up."

"I'll bet you Obama is working on which Chrysler dealerships survive based on campaign donations. This is how Democrats do this."

"Let me sum this Obama sound bite up: 'Don't live for yourself. Don't pursue your own self-interest. Live for others.' But, see, what Obama doesn't understand is that individuals working in their own self-interest are doing exactly what he prescribes. Working in your own self-interest is working for others."

"Get rid of the music! I'm not in the mood for Prince!"



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