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Tuesday Quotes: Last Man Standing


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"If I had the power Sonia Sotomayor has as a judge, I would issue, at this moment, summary judgment against her nomination to the court."

"Some will say the teleprompter was taken from us too soon, that his best days were still ahead of him. To that I say, 'Good riddance.' That little wise-ass teleprompter was propping up an authoritarian socialist. That teleprompter was the best friend of a fraudulent, anti-free market liberal."

"The left knows, in their hearts, that they are not the majority of thinking in this country. But that doesn't matter because the democratic process is largely irrelevant to them. That's why there are things like ACORN."

"Pat Leahy needs a drain in his throat. I keep wanting to clear my throat every time I listen to that guy. He's starting to sound like Larry Flynt, have you noticed that?"

"Honest to God, I feel like I'm watching the movie The Omen. I mean, that fly that almost flew into Obama's mouth during his speech in Egypt, the teleprompter committing suicide (or dying)... the omens are just everywhere."

"This poll says that Republican support for Obama has actually risen by a point; it is Democrats and independents that account for his drop. So yeah, the Colin Powell Republican crowd loves the guy. The polling people probably called McCain, too, and I'm sure he said he approves."

"Once when I was I kid, I scurried back to pick up a wild pitch and one of the prongs of the fence cut my head. The coach then grabed some dirt and rubbed it in my head and said, 'This is how we deal with it, son.'"

"When we were kids, our weirdos were 90-year-olds driving down the middle of the street ina 1920s car. We named this one guy Gertrude Vangart. Never knew what his real name was, but he was the funniest little old guy."

"If Sonia Sotomayor is willing to say in open testimony that Justice O'Connor 'couldn't have meant' what she said, how simple and easy would it be for her to say, 'The Founders couldn't possibly have meant what they wrote in the Constitution'?"

"So now Obama tells us unemployment is going to 'tick up'. How is that hope and change working out for you?"



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