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Tuesday Quotes: Leader of the Opposition


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"If Obama can't figure out what to do with 300 people in Gitmo, how can he figure out what the best health care plan is for every American?"

"Who is informing all of these people who are opposed to this health care plan? The mainstream media is not informing them. Many of the conservative intelligentsia inside the Beltway are not telling them what's in the bill. It's us, folks. It's us in talk radio. We're doing the heavy lifting on this."

"By definition, moderates can't be brave -- they don't have opinions! Dawn doesn't like saying things like that, but, I mean, brave moderates? Great Moderates in American History? Show me that book."

"President Obama still has not shown up at the podium for his speech, and there's clearly one reason why: he has to wait for his staff to tell him what I said before going out and making comments."

"President Obama said, 'This is not about me.' This is not about me? This is the man who gave his acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention in front of some foam Greek columns!"

"You know how Obama could've gotten this plan through? He could've had it in March if he were the guy everybody thought he was, but he's nothing but a twisted liberal radical ideologue."

"Obama never ran anything in his life. He worked in the Senate not much more than 150 days. We have no track record with him. We only have his associations, his background, the people who mentored him, and his campaign promises... because he's never accomplished anything. He has no resume."

"I just checked the e-mail during the break, and it's amazing how the seminar e-mailers are out in droves: 'Rush, please stop speeding up Obama. I have a hearing problem, and I can't understand what he's saying.' Don't tell me you have a hearing problem! I am deaf, and I can hear it!"

"I think that we're starting to see major instability at the White House, and Obama is coming unglued here because his ego is massive. I'm telling you, I know people like this. I have been fired by them."

"Hey! You idiots who think Obama's bill is going to solve your health problem immediately! Guess what? It doesn't start until 2013, and even then it's not going to help you!"



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