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Get Ready for Recess, America!

RUSH: Rich in Philadelphia, it's great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.CALLER: Rush, hi how are you?RUSH: Fine, sir, thank you.CALLER: Good this is an honor to speak to you as an up-and-coming broadcaster I'd just like to say that, so... Two things about the health care. Okay? One: I do not think -- as a 20-year-old I do not think -- that we need it. I think that it is un-American because the need for the majority outweigh the needs of the minority, and the Democrats who run campaigns...

A Fat Guy Fights the Power: Keep Your Laws Off My Body

RUSH: Kurt, again, in Chicago. Hello.CALLER: Hello, Rush. I've got a question for your opinion. I'm a fat guy and it worries me that they're going to try to tax me for being fat. Do you think Roe v. Wade would apply to my right to bodily privacy?RUSH: (chuckles) Not unless you get a womb and somehow what you eat makes you pregnant.CALLER: Well, it's making me fat. It's my right. I don't want them intruding on my body.RUSH: What you're saying is that because of Roe v. Wade, the constitutional...

Obamacare is Really "End of Care"

RUSH: Dave in Chicago nice to have you, sir, welcome to the EIB Network I'm glad you waited.CALLER: Thank you, Rush, for taking my call.RUSH: Yes, sir.CALLER: I am a physician and I practice geriatric medicine and I wanted to make a comment on this-every-five-year conversation on advanced care planning. First of all, I'll say that I hope this health care reform bill does not pass. In fact, I'd love to get rid of Medicare altogether. But I think this-every-five-year discussion is actually a...

State-Run Media Promotes Race War Between Obama, Talk Radio

RUSH: The liberals in the Drive-By Media once again are trying to ignite a race war between Obama and me and talk radio. So I think it's very important. Let's go back to February 22, 2008, you know, 16 months ago, maybe 18 months. I did the math fast in my head. Year-and-a-half. From me on this show, February 22, 2008.RUSH ARCHIVE: "If Obama gets elected president wouldn't it be good to get this done, Rush, and then we could end the civil rights squabbles that we're having." It wouldn't do...

Democrats Shun Obama in NC

RUSH: Snerdley and I, during the top-of-the-hour break, had a little conversation. Snerdley was all worked up over what's being said about the Blue Dogs. The Drive-Bys are reporting, "Oh, the Blue Dogs, oh, they finally came around. The Blue Dogs are finally going to be loyal Democrats, oh, the Blue Dogs." The Blue Dogs didn't come around. The Blue Dogs had guns to their heads. These are liberal Democrats. They didn't come around. They were arm-twisted, they were kneecapped, their futures...

El Rushbo Reveals His Diet: It's Quick Weight Loss Centers

RUSH: How much what? What? Oh, gee, Snerdley, you know, I try not to make this show about me. Today I weighed 211, so I've lost 79 pounds. I've lost seven pounds since Saturday. Yeah, I'm still trying to lose. My original goal was 210, but I'm going to keep going, there's no reason to stop. I'm going to see what happens at 200, see what happens there. I may keep going. I mean I love this diet. The food is delicious. And, by the way, you know what? There's one way for me to tell you how...

Slow or Fast: Obama is Lying

RUSH: I have been receiving an increasing number of complaints from members of this audience that they cannot understand the sped-up sound bites of President Obama, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters, and they've asked me to slow them down. So I have a couple sound bites here from President Obama because I hear the audience, I respect the audience, I listen to you, and I hear your complaints. Unlike liberals, you people are more important to me than you will ever know. So here, as...

America Needs a Vacation from Increasingly Uncool Barack Obama

RUSH: So I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a little blurb here by the pollster Peter Hart, who says, "This is a president who needs a vacation." No. We need the vacation from Obama's policies. We need a vacation from Obama. He needs a vacation from the destruction of the private sector. Greetings, folks. Great to have you. It's Rush Limbaugh, the one and only EIB Network, a thrill, delight to be with you. Broadcast excellence for the next three hours. Telephone number...

Rush's Morning Update: Sea Lessons July 31, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Sea LessonsJuly 31, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer My friends, today's update may be difficult --not only for you, but for me, too. Especially if you have fond memories of the 1960s television series "Flipper." We humans have a special affection for our friends of the sea,the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. They're smart, kind, and tolerant. Some believe they're even smarter than humans. Sowhen dolphins...

Thursday Quotes: The Maha Rushie

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"It's not what he says; it's how he says it. If you take away Obama's voice, it's like Delilah cutting Samson's hair. He becomes a mere mortal.""President Obama is so race obsessed that he wrote a book about the father he never really knew, subtitled, 'A Story of Race and Inheritance'. Then he marries a woman, and the two of them sit in Reverend Wright's hate temple of black liberation theology for 20 years... and I'm the one with...


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