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Dingy Harry Targets Rush Again

RUSH: It's happened again. I just received an audio sound bite from Kathleen at the Audio Sound Bite Roster Desk this afternoon on the Senate floor. Dingy Harry.REID: You can't blame people for wondering why, with an issue as important as health care now before us, bipartisan consensus sometimes seems so elusive. So I say to them: This extreme brand of strategy and the extreme tactics that come with it are what we have to contend with. First, Rush Limbaugh happily admitted he wants our president...

Which Obama Do You Believe?

RUSH: Start at number six, Mister Broadcast Engineer. This morning in Virginia, at George Mason University, President Obama speaking about the implementation of the new GI bill. Here's a portion of what he said.OBAMA (sped up): We've lived through an age when many people and institutions acted irresponsibly, when service often took a backseat, when hard choices were put aside for some other time. The men and women who have served since 9/11 tell us a different story. While so many were reaching...

Washington Statists to the Public: Just Who Do You Think You Are?

RUSH: Gwen in Greenwich, Connecticut. Great to have you on the program. Hello.CALLER: Hi. How are you, Rush? RUSH: Fine. Thank you very much.CALLER: That's great. Listen, I'm calling about your saying that we should ask questions at the town hall meeting the first is, "What diseases are covered?" and I just want you to know that my cousin who is a surgeon and I have read through the bill and she calls me back and she says, "Gwen, this is Medicaid. This is Medicaid. This runs just as Medicaid,"...

The Cash for Clunkers Boondoggle

RUSH: Look at the clash-for-clunker program, it's got a lot of problems. The Wall Street Journal, in fact, today has an editorial, "Hey, let's have a $4,500 subsidy for everything!" I wonder where they heard that. We discussed that on this program Friday. Listen how they start this thing: "Americans are streaming back into auto showrooms, and one reason is the 'Cash for Clunkers' subsidy. Democrats are naturally claiming this is a great success, while Republicans are claiming that because the...

Obama Administration Breaks No-Middle-Class-Tax-Increase Pledge

RUSH: Throughout the campaign and even after the immaculation of President Obama, he insisted, he promised -- and he made no bones about this, by the way. No bones whatsoever. It was as firm a promise as any politician's ever made, and I know we're all cynical about politician promises, but he said, "Nobody making under $250,000 a year would have a tax increase." That is now off the table, and I told you last week: When Tim Geithner finished his meeting with the ChiComs and he said he assured the...

Obama Approaches Tipping Point As Nation Erupts Over Health Care

RUSH: The health care plan, people are erupting. We've got the audio of Kathleen Sebelius and Arlen Specter being told what-for. People in Los Angeles, you ought to go to the Drudge Report. There's a poster in Los Angeles of Obama made up to look like Heath Ledger's Joker character in the last Batman movie. And I've always said the downfall for Obama -- when the tipping point's reached -- is going to be when it becomes cool to dislike the guy, when it becomes cool to make fun of the guy, and it's...

State-Run Media Trash Rush's Diet!

RUSH: You know, this really is mind-boggling. I mean, I'm sitting here minding my own business, bothering nobody (yet), doing daily show prep; and about ten minutes ago, 15 minutes ago Cookie sends me the audio sound bite roster; and I find out looking at the audio sound bite roster that they trashed my diet on Good Morning America today. Then the babes at The View got involved trashing the diet and me. They even had some female doctor, their medical correspondent on Good Morning America, come...

Rush's Morning Update: Dogs! August 4, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Dogs! August 4, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer The term "Yellow Dog Democrat" became popular over a century ago, to describe Southerners who, it was said,"would rather vote for a yellow dog" than for any Republican.The stranglehold Democrats had on these voters ended with Ronald Reagan: Ronaldus Magnus. Three overarching ideas attracted the Yellow Dogs to Reagan. One: a strong national defense, standing...

Monday Quotes: Leader of the Opposition

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Did you see this? Hugo Chavez just shut down 34 radio stations in Venezuela. Obama is looking at that, thinking: 'Damn. Someday. Someday.'""I have yet to hear a medical person on television tell me about the diet that works. I just hear them say, 'Reduce your calories and exercise.' Well, I'm doing half of that! And it's not as like I'm sitting around vegging!""I'm going to keep the weight off; I'm not through losing pounds. And...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1:Tax Revenues Post Biggest Drop Since DepressionRUSH: This next story this is from state-controlled Associated Press, and the information in this story is a grand, perfect illustration of the folly of the Obama economic program. "Tax Revenues Post Biggest Drop Since Depression -- The recession is starving the government of tax revenue, just as the president and Congress are piling a major expansion of health care and other programs on the nation's plate and struggling to find money to...


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