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Monday Quotes: Leader of the Opposition


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"Did you see this? Hugo Chavez just shut down 34 radio stations in Venezuela. Obama is looking at that, thinking: 'Damn. Someday. Someday.'"

"I have yet to hear a medical person on television tell me about the diet that works. I just hear them say, 'Reduce your calories and exercise.' Well, I'm doing half of that! And it's not as like I'm sitting around vegging!"

"I'm going to keep the weight off; I'm not through losing pounds. And that's going to bug 'em even more! When you get right down to it, they're just mad that I look good. That's why they hate Sarah Palin, and now they can add my good looks and my studly appearance to all the other reasons that they hate me."

"There are soon only going to be two insurance companies run by the government: All Statist and Statist Farm. 'Like a Big Brother, Statist Farm will be there.' Statist Farm is also where you will be put out to pasture once you're 70 years old and in bad health."

"When Democrats see a majority of public opinion opposed to them, they start thinking, 'How can we ram it down their throats anyway?'"

"Kathleen Sebelius is part of the cabal that thinks people look at government as though it's parliamentarian royalty, so she's really shocked that these serfs at these town halls actuallyhave the audacity to object to anything she and Senator Specter might say."

"Folks, I appreciate every one of you, but I do have to ask you a couple questions: Who the hell do you think you are? What makes you think you deserve the same health care as those in Congress? Don't you know your place?"

"So you're probably asking yourself: 'Who do I believe here? Do I believe Gibbs? Do I believe Geithner? Do I believe Summers? Do I believe Obama? Who do I believe?' You believe me."

"What are you laughing at? Oh, I don't want to know, eh? All right. I don't want to know. See, most people you say, 'Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!', but I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of begging you to tell me what I don't want to know."

"The two states where the Obama administration is going to put detainees (terrorists) currently at Club Gitmo is Michigan and/or Kansas. Jennifer Granholm, I'm sure, could use the business in Michigan."



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