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Why Seniors Fear Obamacare

RUSH: Here is David in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Nice to have you on the program. Hi. CALLER: Mega-Hoosier dittos, Rush. RUSH: Thank you, sir. CALLER: I am not 65 yet, but my wife and my parents and other relatives that I have are all over 65, and I'm scared to death that if we don't continue the pressure and continue speaking the truth to power that their health and their lives are going to be at stake and I just wanted to say that those people who are receiving wounds and becoming injured...

Obama: I've Rescued the Economy

RUSH: President Obama this afternoon in Washington, during this program, was all giddy over the fact that "only" 240,000 more Americans lost their jobs, only excited that the full unemployment figure is 16%. When you add the people who have been unemployed and have then given up looking for work, to those who are recorded as unemployed and looking, the unemployment rate nationally is 16.9%. President Obama and his remarks basically said that his administration has rescued our economy from catastrophe....

Did SEIU Act "Stupidly" in Beating of Black Conservative in St. Louis?

"The St. Louis Tea Party will hold a press conference and peaceable protest at [Service Employee International Union] Headquarters [in St. Louis] at Noon Saturday... The protest is to demand justice for Kenneth Gladney, an African-American conservative who was brutally beaten by 4 individuals, at least 2 of whom were identified as SEIU representatives." This was at the Russ Carnahan meeting in Mehlville last night. "The beatings included racial slurs and required hospitalization of Mr. Gladney....

Tampa Couple Roughed Up by Thugs at Kathy Castor Town Hall

RUSH: We have Beth and Jerry from Tampa, Florida. They are on two phones in their home, and they were at the Kathy Castor town hall meeting last night where the SEIU people showed up and there was a lot of thuggery going on. Welcome to the program. What can you tell us? BETH: Well, I guess I'll start first because I'm the chatty one. RUSH: All right. BETH: They already had the room half filled -- with Obama supporters, union organizers, whatever they were -- when they opened the doors to...

Be Optimistic: Far-Left Leadership is Ripping Up the Democrat Party

RUSH: I want to repeat the essentials of something I said on Wednesday on this program. I really, I'm optimistic about what is happening here and I want to talk to those of you who may be pessimistic about it for various reasons. I've heard from a couple of people who are, who are pessimistic simply because you think the message and momentum's been lost -- the subject of the argument has been changed with the thugs, the intimidation of the union -- and you're afraid that the American people are...

State-Run Media Omits Speaker Pelosi From Their "Rush Compares the Democrats to Nazis" Reports

RUSH: You know, the Democrat Party... Nancy Pelosi yesterday or maybe the night before, said that people were showing up at the town hall meetings wearing swastikas. Nancy Pelosi was calling people showing up to preserve their freedom Nazis. And this is not the first time the Democrats have done so. In fact, President Obama himself, back in 2001, was on a radio station interview back in Chicago. He was talking about the courts in America and said this: PRESIDENT OBAMA: Just to take a sort of...

Obama Dispatches Union Thugs to Intimidate American Citizens

RUSH: You remember how much crap, you remember how much abuse I, El Rushbo, took when I was six months ahead of the game and said I want President Obama to fail. Now you know what I meant. VOICE: And now from sunny South Florida, it's Open Line Friday! RUSH: Yip, yip, yip, yip, yip yahoo. Our all time favorite day of the week. Open Line Friday. Hi ya, folks, Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network, the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. A thrill and a delight to have you with...

Rush's Morning Update: Hits August 10, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: HitsAugust 10, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Before leaving for the August recess, Senate Democrats met with presidential advisor David "Astroturf" Axelrod and the deputy chief of staff, Jim Messina. They're worried about showing up at town hall meetingsbecause attendees actually know more than they do about their health care takeover proposals.The senators were urged to do more prep work than usual...

Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"The problem the White House has in trying to make the case that all of you are an 'unruly mob' is that the polls agree with you. You're the polls!""Mr. President, two million people have lost their jobs since your stimulus bill was signed into law. You have almost doubled the federal deficit this year, and who knows what's going to happen to the national debt. And yet, you don't 'want the folks who created the mess to do a lot...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1:Seelye: Obama Loses Control of Agenda (to Rush)RUSH: Kit Seelye in the New York Times, a blog post today: "Over the Airwaves and on Cable TV, Health Care Dominates -- Radio talk shows and cable television outlets, which are dominated by" one person: Rush Limbaugh. (Ahem.) I threw that in myself. It actually says "dominated by conservative hosts." Anyway, radio talk shows "led the way last week in ratcheting up the attention that the news media devoted to health care, according to a new...


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