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Tuesday Quotes: America's Real Anchorman


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"It's not the participants at these town halls that are causing the problems. It's the lying members of Congress who don't have the answers.”

“Barack Obama may indeed, right before our very eyes, be destroying the Democrat Party. In fact, the whole Democrat Party might be committing suicide, and the only thing that might be able to save them is if ACORN can rig enough elections in November of 2010.”

“Chuck Norris has done something that nobody at NBC has done. Chuck Norris has done something that nobody at ABC has done. Chuck Norris has done something that nobody at CBS has done. He has read the health care bill.”

“No matter how brilliant you are and no matter how often you are right, there's something about living, working, and breathing inside the Beltway that makes you unable to have a perspective identical to people who are living and working outside that place.”

“My comment, ‘I hope he fails'… I wasn't surprised I was, you know, out on a limb by myself on that. But, look: that's what being on the cutting edge of societal evolution is all about. It's what being a pioneer is all about. It's what being fearless is all about.”

“I love getting calls from people who disagree with me on this program. It is a delight to open somebody up to the truth, to get through the cocoon in which they have sheltered themselves.”

“David, I've been engaging in the Mort Kondracke-preferred way of responding to you, and that is, when somebody's making a fool of themselves, you stand out of the way and let it happen without any vitriol or argument. But you really are clueless.”

“Arlen Specter saidtoday that the health care plan is going to be deficit neutral. They're at the point now where they're literally grabbing globs of excrement, throwing it up against the wall, and hoping some of it sticks.”

“When you -- as the president of the United States -- have to tell the country that you are not in favor of death panels and that you're not going to pull the switch on grandma, you've lost control.”

“The people who we have elected to serve us are showing their true colors. They are rude, they are filled with contempt for their constituents, they're condescending, and they are stonewalling.”



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