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They Don't Trust You, Senator

RUSH: Claire McCaskill, Jefferson County, Missouri, at her town hall.MCCASKILL: If anyone wants to bet you whether or not we're gonna get a single-payer, nationalized health care bill out of Congress, take the bet and take their money. 'Cause it is not going to happen. AUDIENCE: (laughter)MCCASKILL: I know you hate to hear good news. But we will not do this. There is not any support, very little support. I shouldn't say "any." There are a few members that think it's a good idea. So... AUDIENCE:...

Obama Attacks Doctors Again

RUSH: This Obama! We mentioned this earlier in the program. (laughing) He stunned members of the AARP by telling everybody that the AARP supports his plan when they haven't done it, and there was a deluge of phone calls to the AARP -- which, as I said, are just MoveOn.org members with false teeth. And they were inundated by their rank-and-file members because they haven't come out officially for it but Obama yesterday in Portsmouth talking about his plan and the AARP.OBAMA: We have the AARP on...

F. Chuck Todd Takes Some Heat

RUSH: This was this morning on the Today show on NBC. The co-host Meredith Vieira is talking with chief White House correspondent F. Chuck Todd, and she says, "Did the administration stack the deck with supporters in New Hampshire?"TODD: No. I got two words for you: the Secret Service. In order to get in, to get a ticket for the president's town hall you had to log in last week. You had to get and hope you got picked randomly. You have to submit your date of birth, your Social Security number,...

Was Obama's Town Hall Staged?

RUSH: Christine in Haverhill, Massachusetts, I'm glad you waited. You're up first today. Hello.CALLER: Hi, Rush!RUSH: Hi.CALLER: I've been a fan for 19 years, and it's such an honor to speak to you.RUSH: Thank you very much.CALLER: Okay, I was there yesterday in Portsmouth and got there about seven a.m. and we were shocked to see at least six chartered buses with people coming off from Organizing for America. They all had their manufactured signs.RUSH: Organizing for America is Obama's...

Mobsters Report from Town Halls

RUSH: Dr. Poole from Sikeston, Missouri, which is 30 down miles down the road from where I grew up in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Doctor, welcome to the program. Nice to have you here.CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It's an honor to speak to you.RUSH: I appreciate that.CALLER: Like you said, I'm a doctor, board certified in OB-GYN, born and raised here in Sikeston and have practiced here since 1983.RUSH: That means you know the prominent Montgomery family very well.CALLER: Ah, very well.RUSH: Yes.CALLER:...

A Duke Professor Explains What the Health Care Bill Actually Says

RUSH: Now, what I have here is very long. I cannot read the entire thing. But there are summaries that I can read. This is a piece entitled, "What the Health Care Bill Actually Says," and it was put together by John David Lewis. It is from the website Classical Ideals. John David Lewis is a professor of classics at Duke University, and here is how he introduces his analysis: "What does the bill, HR 3200, short-titled 'America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009,' actually say about major...

Hapless Barack Obama Unable to Sell Government-Run Health Care

RUSH: Yesterday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the hapless Obama, which is I think... You remember Neil Diamond, brother love traveling USO show, whatever? Town hall traveling campaign show is what the Obama administration is now. And Obama announced that AARP is totally on board his plan. Well, privately they are. AARP: Think of them as MoveOn.org with false teeth. AARP has been funneling big bucks that they scammed out of old people all the way to the DNC and so forth, but they never, ever...

Did Democrats Plant Swastikas?

RUSH: I told you this was going to happen, and it has happened. We can prove that it's happened once, and I think we're going to be able to prove it happened a second time. I predicted it halfway yesterday. Right before Obama's... We now know, by the way, the whole thing yesterday was a stacked deck. That thing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was totally phony. The little girl that asked a question is a daughter of a huge Obama supporter. ... So yesterday it was right back about one o'clock,...

Rush's Morning Update: Food Fight August 13, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Food FightAugust 13, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Well, folks, this is just delicious. A liberal group is in a food fight with the Obama White Houseover skrool lunches. The lefty "nonprofit" Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine put up ads in Union Station, right across from the Capitol. Posters feature a smiling 8-year-old African-American girl with this caption: "President Obama's daughters...

Wednesday Quotes: An Army of One

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"The media, promoting White House propaganda, tries to make me the story. I'm the story? I can't do anything to your health care!”“Yes, I wanted Obama to fail, and I think everybody understands now what I meant. Actually, I think most people understood what I meant at the time, anyway, but they were just too shocked that anybody would have the gonads to say it.”“I knew all of this was coming down the pike...


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