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Wednesday Quotes: An Army of One


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"The media, promoting White House propaganda, tries to make me the story. I'm the story? I can't do anything to your health care!”

“Yes, I wanted Obama to fail, and I think everybody understands now what I meant. Actually, I think most people understood what I meant at the time, anyway, but they were just too shocked that anybody would have the gonads to say it.”

“I knew all of this was coming down the pike before it happened. Why? Because I know socialists. I know liberals. I know what Bill Ayers stands for, I know what Reverend Wright stands for, and I know who Obama is. None of this is a mystery.”

“If the Democrats want a shot at getting what they want, they need to pull Obama off the circuit. He's an idiot. He displayed that yesterday. There's a reason that David Axelrod has him wedded to a teleprompter -- he's a disaster.”

“Dr. Poole, you dare to challenge our Dear Leader on the most listened to media program today of its kind? And you've identified yourself by name? You, sir, are very brave.”

“I've never had a friend like Rashid Khalidi, who hates Jews. I've never had a friend like Reverend Wright. I don't hang around with sick people who hate aspects of the United States. I don't hang around with anti-Semites, and I don't hang around with racists. But they're all over this administration.”

“From state-controlled Associated Press: ‘US Official Gropes to Explain Clinton's Outburst.' US officials are groping for Hillary. This is something none of us can see.”

“Senator McCaskill, let me tell you what your problem is. Your president is on record as saying he wants a single payer system! So when you tell your constituents at a town hall that it isn't going to happen, they don't think you're honest.”

“Headline: ‘For Macho Men, Doctor Visits are Less Likely'. Now, what this tells me is that conservative men (who are real men) are putting far less pressure, financial or otherwise, on the health care system.”

“I'm not answering that, Snerdley; you're not going to trap me. Snerdley just asked, ‘What does she look like?' We all know that women's looks have nothing to do with anything. That's such a Neanderthal question.”



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