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Iranian-American Sees Similarities

RUSH: Farrah in Anaheim hills, California. Hi.CALLER: Hi. Thank you very much for taking my call. I wanted to give you a little background. I came from Iran to this great land in 1978, and I completed my MBA and became a US citizen, which I'm very proud of.RUSH: Congratulations.CALLER: Thank you very much. I'm calling to let you know that I'm very worried about what's going on. I would like to compare what is happening here to what happened in Iran in late seventies. As you know they allowed...

Bill Clinton Lashes Out at Nutroots

RUSH: Last night in Pittsburgh, Bill Clinton at the "Nutroots" national convention. And the blogger said, "Mr. President, will you call for an appeal of 'don't ask, don't tell' right now?"CLINTON: You know, you ought to go to one of those congressional health care meetings. You'd do really well there. AUDIENCE: (laughter) CLINTON: You want to talk about "don't ask, don't tell," I'll tell you exactly what happened. You couldn't deliver me any support in the Congress, and they voted by a veto-proof...

Nancy Pelosi in 2006: Disrupting Protesters are "Very American"

RUSH: January 17th, 2006. At a San Francisco town hall, Nancy Pelosi said this to the audience about protesters. PELOSI 2006: I thank all of you who have spoken out for your courage, your point of view. All of this -- your advocacy -- is very American and very important. I understand your anger. When Franklin Roosevelt died -- and I... I draw great inspiration from him because he was a disrupter; and I'm a fan of disrupters, people who make -- make change.AUDIENCE: Woooooooo!RUSH: Nancy Pelosi...

Obama Wants Health Care Trophy

RUSH: I want to try to put something in perspective for you to show you the real Obama. And if after all of this you don't see Obama for what he really is, you probably never will. Let me run through this. Obama gave Congress marching orders to produce a health care bill before the August recess. Obama then gave Congress marching orders for each House to pass a version of health care before the August recess. To Obama's disappointment and the nation's relief, neither the House nor the Senate...

McCarthy on Pelosi, the NY Times and the German National Socialists

RUSH: Are there any hate groups on the left? There are, right? Are they ever the subject of network news reports? Has Brian "The Repeater" Ross ever gone out there and done a report on left-wing hate groups? No! In fact, when we hear about left-wing hate groups and their work, we're supposed to marvel at the art. It may be offensive but we're supposed to marvel at the art. Southern Poverty Law Center, do you know how much these people are worth? It's $220 million they're worth. They got $33...

There is Nothing Redeemable in the Democrats' Health Care Plan

RUSH: To Oklahoma, here is Dustin. Dustin, it's nice to have you, sir. He's 23 years old. Nice to have you on the EIB Network.CALLER: Hey thank you, Rush. Hey, I've heard a little bit about what is wrong with the health care plan, but what is right with it, and can it be fixed?RUSH: Now are you asking me what's right about the American health care system, or what's right about the health care reform plan that Obama's trying to pass?CALLER: What's right with his plan, if anything. I mean,...

Heed Ronald Reagan's Warning

RUSH: Ronald Reagan in 1961, Operation Coffee Cup, the whole thing is ten minutes, we don't have all ten minutes of it, but Operation Coffee Cup campaign against socialized medicine as it was then proposed by Democrats. Here is just a portion. We have three sound bites of Reagan from a recording that was distributed by the American Medical Association.REAGAN: Now back in 1927 an American socialist, Norman Thomas, six times candidate for president on the Socialist Party ticket, said the American...

It's a Fascinating Phenomenon: Limbaugh Weight Loss Deniers

RUSH: I got an e-mail yesterday from a woman. I think it was in the ElRushbo@eibnet.com address. It might have been the website subscriber account, but regardless, the woman said, "Hey, I just posted a response to this on this website." So I clicked on it and it's CalorieCount.About.com. CalorieCount.About.com and it's amazing. I don't know who, doesn't matter, it's a nonpolitical website, but somebody analyzed my weight loss, which is now 82 pounds. I started on March 9th. This is August...

EIB Accuracy Rating Methodology

RUSH: This is Norah in Peoria, Arizona. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Hello. How are you, Rush?RUSH: Just fine. Thank you.CALLER: Hey, I'm curious as to how your accuracy rating is determined.RUSH: You mean at the Sullivan Group, the opinion auditing firm?CALLER: Yes.RUSH: What are you curious about?CALLER: Well, what determines what is audited? Obviously, you have opinions on things. Is it when you say you have a prediction?RUSH: Predictions are included. But...

Caller in Spain Wants the Scoop

RUSH: Joe in Cadiz, Spain, welcome to Open Line Friday. Nice to have you here, sir. Hello.CALLER: Rush, mega dittos from Spain.RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: Thank you for having me on.RUSH: You bet, sir. Well, my question is this. First I wanted to say thank you, Mr. Snerdley, you've got a professional staff, you really do, Rush. But my question is this. I'm a civilian working for the government now after retiring after 25 years, or 20 years in the military, and being overseas, I'm very limited...

Law Mandates White House Keep the E-mails Sent to Snitch Website

RUSH: Now to the audio sound bites. About these e-mails that you may get or have already received from David Axelrod in the White House. Yesterday on the Fox News Channel, Megyn Kelly interviewed Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton, and she said to him, "Bill Hemmer complains about health care and he has a message and I forward you Bill Hemmer's e-mail to me, saying, 'You know, Bill is saying there are death panels.' So I forward Bill's e-mail to you, and you get my e-mail," Megyn...

White House Uses ABC News to Push Despicable Strategy Linking Rush to Threats Against Obama

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the White House is on defense, totally on defense. They are disheveled; they are unraveling; they are becoming unhinged. Secret deals with Big Pharma have been uncovered. This upsets the left. And they are starting in the White House now to replicate the failed attempts by Bill Clinton to get rid of me. It's Friday. Let's roll.JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it's Open Line Friday!RUSH: Friday, baby, Friday. Open Line Friday on the EIB Network,...

Rush's Morning Update: Boondoggle August 17, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: BoondoggleAugust 17, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Last May, the Small Business Administration announced a new lending programto provide emergency bridge loans to small business owners. Armed with a quarter billion in Porkulus cash, Washington types gleefully predicted that the program would save jobs and keep businesses afloat. Money was designated for 10,000 loansat up to 35 grand apiece.Well,...

Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"There is no bigger supporter of Israel than me. Not Obama, me. It was Barack Obama who surrounded himself with anti-Semites, not me."“I'm getting chills up my back; I feel like I'm listening to my dad listening to these Reagan bites. Ronald Reagan and my dad -- they grew up in the thick of the Cold War. They knew who communists were, and they knew what their intent was, and they were scared to death for what would happen if...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1:Democrat Requires ID for Town Meeting, Not VotingRUSH: You want to hear something hilarious? Congressman Gene Green from Houston, Democrat from Texas, is requiring photo IDs from everybody entering his town hall meetings. Okay. Fine and dandy. However, Representative Gene Green has voted against bills that require people to present a photo ID before they vote. But don't show up at one of his town meetings without a driver's license. You won't get in. Such rank hypocrisy. So predictable...


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