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Monday Quotes: Leader of the Opposition


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"If I were Joe Wilson, I would say, 'I'll apologize as soon as Pelosi apologizes to the CIA.'"

"We are witnessing a conservative ascendancy here, and it is happening because the people of this country are fed up and see clearly what their future is if they don't try to stop it."

"The left would have us believe that there are no legitimate concerns with Obamacare, that it's just racists who want to stop the first black president. Now, I don't know who pressed the launch button on the race card, but you can see who clearly got the message: Maureen Dowd."

"I'm going to tell you right now: There's no way a community organizer is a capitalist. It's impossible."

"I've been here for 21 years, and for 21 years they have been trying to besmirch me and impugn my character by saying I'm a racist. Well, it doesn't work because A, I'm not one; and B, you who listen regularly know it. The media didn't make me, so they can't break me."

"As I have long cautioned everybody: If you seek validation for your actions based on the media being accurate in their reporting of your actions, you're going to be forever disappointed. The media is as much the enemy as is the Obama administration."

"This is the most important thing to mention about Saturday: there was no leader who organized this. People went of their own volition, because of their own passion. You did this. It's in your heart."

"Snerdley, I did congratulate the Cowboys. I mean, now Romo doesn't have to worry about catering to somebody's ego ten to 15 passes a game, and so he spreadthe ballaround yesterday, and look at the results!"

"Obama's on television every day, and every day it seems he starts whatever remarks he's going to make at the same time I start this program. This guy's trying to ace me out, but, you know, I'm going to 'hit back twice as hard'."

"I love this headline. Forget the story -- I just love the headline: 'Barney Frank Considers Cramdown Law'."



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