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Monday Quotes: America's Real Anchorman


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"We never hear the Obamas talking about what a great health care system we have. No, they just rip it to shreds. It's annoying as hell, frankly."

"I have to admit the bride had a great sense of humor to go grab the official photographer and not throw a fit. I mean, it's her wedding, and she works for Hillary, and there I am with her band leader saying, 'Rush Limbaugh's in the house!'"

"If we pull out of Afghanistan -- which is what it looks like Obama's prepared to do -- then Afghanistan goes back to being a terrorist state, and we'll eventually have to go back at some point when there's somebody responsible running the country."

"We're not going to take a stand in Iraq under Obama, and we're not going to take a stand in Afghanistan, too, apparently. And we're not going to make a stand in Iran, Poland, the Czech Republic, or Latin America. So where are we going to take a stand?"

"Look, ACORN's insidious, they're everywhere. They're like a virus. Actually, they're like cockroaches. I'm telling you: we could destroy the country and ACORN would still be around somehow."

"The New York Times is reporting that Obama called for David Paterson, the governor of New York, to not run for reelection. I wonder how receptive Obama would be to get a call from former President Clinton asking him to step down for the good of the party in 2012 and let Hillary run."

"The fact of the matter is that Governor Paterson hasn't done himself any good -- he's a doofus -- but Obama has probably done as much to wreck Paterson's career as Paterson has himself, and that's saying something."

"Obama does want to make nice with the Russians, like he wants to make nice with Chavez. Remember, the enemies of America are the friends of Obama's. Anybody who thinks this country has been wrong, immoral, unjust, or imperialistic -- they're right!"

"The left can't be honest about anything and succeed -- that's the dirty little secret. To show you how ridiculous it is, can any of you name for me one major government program that has cost less than they said it would?"

"It's not a tax increase to Obama, folks, because it's not your money. It's his. All money is his -- other than what he graciously allows you to end up with."



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