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Susan in Glendale, California: Her Passion Speaks for Millions

RUSH: All right, Susan in Glendale, California, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Rush, it's a huge honor for me to speak to you, and I hope I can keep my -- my voice level, because I am so passionate. I am as passionate as you are about this country. I'm a conservative. I've listened to you for 25 years. I'm married. I have seven kids. And when you were telling me about how all of the shenanigans that they're going to do in the Senate to pass two different Senate bills then...

Will Rush Accept the Invitation to Judge the Miss America Pageant?

RUSH: I got a lot of questions from people listening to the show today. "Rush, why don't you go on television? Everybody else has a television show. Why don't you go on television?" Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to explain this again because I understand people wanting me to do this kind of thing on television and so forth. I really think that radio done right has more impact than television, or certainly as much. My audience here is larger than any audience in cable TV I'd ever go on or...

Leftists Attack Sarah Palin's Book Before It's Even Printed!

RUSH: New York Post, Page Six today, which admittedly is a gossip column, but nevertheless, the headline: "Sarah's Lectures a Tough Sell." Now, this sort of dovetails with what I was telling you yesterday, that the Democrats and the media will always tell us who they fear. They'll always tell us who they're really, really worried about, and they are on a mission that is unstoppable to destroy this woman and her family. "Sarah Palin is said to have pocketed a $7 million advance for the 400-page...

Liberal Jihad Against Constitution

BEGIN TRANSCRIPTRUSH: Let me try to explain what's going on this way. We have jihadists all over the world. We have Islamic jihadists and so forth, and right now I think we in this country face a liberal jihad. We have a holy war against the Constitution of this country being fought by the American left. The Islamic jihadists say, "Death to America! Death to America!" What the liberal jihadists are saying is, "Death to the Constitution." If they have to blow themselves up like the Islamic jihadists...

Democrats Practice Projection, Claim GOP Wants to Kill People

RUSH: Here's some compassion. Here is some real, genuine compassion. The Democrat Party, they own it, right? Liberal, they're the ones with the big hearts. They're the ones who really care. This is actually a great case of projection. Who is it is that has set up death panels? Who is it that has written legislation that will have bureaucrats decide who does and does not get lifesaving treatment based on whatever criteria they want to use? These are Democrat-written bills in the Senate and...

Why ABC News Reported on the Congressional Doctor's Office

RUSH: There is an amazing report on ABC News, and I alluded to it mere moments ago. The health care coverage that members of Congress get. And everybody has asked the question: "Hey, you guys in Congress, are going to sign you and your family up for the same rotten deal that you're imposing on us?" And of course they're all saying, "Oh, no. We can't. We have a special, different plan." Some are lying and saying, "Yes, I'll be the first to do it." Obama says, "Well, I can't. You know, I got my...

Don't Be Fooled: Obama Isn't Naive

RUSH: Sarkozy. You know, we talked about him yesterday. Sarkozy is expressing all kinds of nervousness about Obama. Last night on Greta Van Susteren's show on Fox she spoke with Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette who says that he has sources who have told him that Sarkozy has the same opinion of Obama that we do. Greta Van Susteren's question was, "Prior to this issue of Iran arising in Pittsburgh at the G20 and before that at the General Assembly at the UN, what was President Sarkozy's...

The Democrats' Secret Plan to Pass the Public Option by Next Thursday

RUSH: "Government-Run Health Care by Next Thursday? -- The Washington Post front page blares today: 'Prospects for Public Option Dim in Senate.'" This is all because of the vote yesterday in committee. I got a bunch of e-mails from people last night. "Hey, Rush! Hey, Rush! It failed! It failed and they didn't tell you about it until after your show so you couldn't rip them to shreds." Don't be fooled, folks. "[T]he Senate Finance Committee did vote down two amendments that each would have added...

Rush's Morning Update: Assault! October 1, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Assault! October 1, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Well, folks, it never stops. The Democrats are unleashing their latest horror. In coming weeks, the cap and trade bill, better known as "cap and tax," is expected to move from a Senate committee headed by Barbara Boxerto the Senate floor. American power plants and businesses are among the chief targets; they'll be forced to cut emissions or purchase...

Wednesday Quotes: An Army of One

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Liberal jihadists say, 'Death to the Constitution.' If they have to blow themselves up like the Islamic jihadists, each liberal gets 72 interns in paradise.""The elected Republicans are scared to death of having happen to them what happened to Joe Wilson. But even after all the campaign contributions Joe Wilson has received, they still don't see that there's an army of people willing to back them up if they would just lead.""With...


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