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The Official Obama Criticizer


RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley, asked me yesterday if he could enter this fray. His theory is that he is Certified Black Enough to legitimately and without criticism criticize Obama. And he would like to say some words about this NFL episode. So without any further delay, here is Mr. Bo Snerdley, the Official Obama Criticizer here on the EIB Network.

SNERDLEY: This is Bo Snerdley, Official Obama Criticizer for the EIB Network. Certified Black Enough to criticize with 100% organic slave blood. Today, Obama isn't the issue. This is the special sports edition. And I have a statement: "My fellow Americans, this week, a racial spectacle has been played out which is nothing less than disgraceful." You know what? Screw this! We're going to the translation right now, only this time it's not a translation for the EIB brothers and sisters in the 'hood, it's a translation to the 'hood. Yo, my fellow homeys, especially those of you who play in the NFL: Every single one of you who shouted out against Rush, check yourself, dog. You got played, okay? Rush ain't your problem, yo. He never was your problem. He never will be your problem. Twenty years, man! For 20 years Rush has been telling everybody: You brothers in the NFL deserve to get paid.

The NFL and every other sports league there is got a break it off to you because you the best, right? The owners they got to break it off to you, give up your props, give you your props. Any of you fools know that, yo? No. Instead you get all puffed up behind some Obama flackie, jump on TV, start mouthing off about "Rush said this! Rush said that! Slavery this, slavery that," whatever, whatever. It was all made up, yo! Some of these clown reporters on TV who fed all the stuff to you, yo, you know what they doing now? They are out here trying to apologize quietly so they don't get their asses sued, yo! Check that out. Y'all got played. So here's your question for you brothers, especially some of y'all in the NFL. Y'all going to man up? Y'all going to man and up say, "Hey, we got played man. We kinda sorry. Oops, we didn't know."

Okay, now, let me -- while I'm -- yo, let me get this off, okay? McNabb. Can we just do this one more time? Square up. Even if Rush said what y'all thought he said, which he didn't say, what's the biggie? Y'all thought he said that McNabb wasn't all that and was getting props because people wanted a black guy to succeed at quarterback. So what? So what? Don't y'all want to see a black quarterback make it, yo? I do. So the sports media guys, he said they want him to succeed, what's the big deal? Is there a problem here, yo? And McNabb? You a punk, yo. Now, my NFL brothers, let me ask you a question here. Who was it that whipped Michael Vick a new one after he got done in the joint?

Was it Rush? Nope. It was a bunch of your white liberal sportswriter guys pretending they loved their dogs more than they loved their wives, okay? That's who ripped all over Michael Vick. Who's been ripping Plaxico, who's been ripping Pacman? Every time y'all get going... Who was it that ran T.O. on up out of Dallas, yo? Okay, was it Rush? No. Okay? Now for all of you homeys, this is outside the NFL. For all my brothers and sisters, y'all want to get pissed off about somebody insulting black people? Why don't y'all watch BET, Black "Exploitation" Television, okay? You want to know who's calling black women, "Bitches ho this, bitches ho that"? Is it Rush Limbaugh? No. Who's telling y'all that all you can do is jiggle your butts on TV? Is it Rush Limbaugh? Rush ain't your enemy, yo. You know what the biggest threat to black men is in America, yo?

It ain't Rush Limbaugh. It's other black men who are killing off brothers like they did that young boy out in Chicago, okay? A quarter of our brothers don't even make it to be age 25 'cause they get shot up by other black men. Is Rush out there pulling the trigger? No. And y'all brothers, you got anything to say about it? Especially y'all in the NFL. Y'all get paid, y'all leave the hood, that's that. Not a word. Okay? Now, for all of y'all who live deep in the hood, I got another question: Is it Rush Limbaugh stopping your kids from being educated in your run-down schools, in your run-down-ass neighborhoods? No. Who is it? And where's Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on that instead of flapping their mouth about all this other stuff that they don't know anything else about? How come Al, Jesse, and y'all are living large and the 'hood is still the 'hood? That concludes my statement.

RUSH: That's the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley.

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