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Secret to a Happy Relationship: A $200 Raise Every Christmas?

RUSH: Karen in San Diego, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here. Hello.CALLER: Yeah. How you doing there, Rush? When this stuff is going up in Washington… I have private health care, how is that going to affect me?RUSH: Private health care. Well, to be honest with you, you're going to lose it in a matter of years. It won't be immediate. How -- do you mind telling me how old you are, Karen?CALLER: I'm 50.RUSH: Fifty? Not good. I'm 58, and it ain't good for you...

Barney Frank Battles Ralph Nader Over Who Wants More Government

RUSH: Last night on PMSNBC, there was a panel discussion there with Barney Frank and Ralph Nader, and they are debating Barney Frank's proposed financial regulations, and Ralph Nader said this.NADER: Giving shareholders nonbinding authority on gigantic executive bonuses won't work. If you give shareholders binding authority and the shareholders should have, in these giant companies, a small staff so they could take on the executives --FRANK: I agree.NADER: -- but the important thing is -- and...

Sebelius: Send Kids to School Despite Swine Flu or They'll Starve

RUSH: Now, we've all been told by Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services secretary, how horrible the swine flu is out there; gotta get a vaccine, must take it, horrible, it's deadly, it's bad, it's rotten. So she's on the Today Show yesterday, and the co-host, Matt Lauer, interviewed her, and Matt Lauer said, "Remember in the spring there were some countries, in Mexico, for example, they took much more aggressive steps to curb the spread of the virus, they shut down a lot of public facilities,...

An Update on El Rushbo's Not-So-Secret Secret Scheme

RUSH: Here's Matt in Charleston, South Carolina. Hey, Matt, welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.CALLER: Hey, Rush, the people in South Carolina are furious with Lindsey Graham. He's being praised by the other side, I might add for being bipartisan, for teaming up with Kerry on this climate bill.RUSH: Yeah.CALLER: He is not bipartisan. He is a turncoat. He is Benedict Arnold from hell. He has totally jumped ship. And, along with Kerry, he is carrying the flag for the other side. And we have...

The Return of John "Swifty" Kerry

RUSH: It is apparent, ladies and gentlemen, that General John "Swifty" Kerry has taken over Obama foreign policy. You people who thought you were voting for Obama to change foreign policy were wrong. You know, I still can't get over that last sound bite. President Obama, there aren't Bush troops, and there aren't Obama troops. Those are American soldiers, and you've abandoned them, while claiming to these naval people in Jacksonville yesterday you never -- he's embarrassing. Worse than that,...

Military Families Demoralized by Our Dithering Commander-in-Chief

RUSH: This is Deanna in St. Louis, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Hey, Rush, great, thanks for taking my call.RUSH: You bet.CALLER: First of all it's an honor to speak with you. Second of all before I get to my comment I want to thank you on behalf of military moms of America for your voice and the lack of action on Obama's administration with the current situation in Afghanistan. We appreciate it, because as military families we're so frustrated. We're so frustrated...

Double Standard? ESPN Suspends Griese for a Week After Racist Slur

RUSH: Saturday afternoon on ESPN, Minnesota vs. Ohio State football. Oh, wait, grab number nine, I missed it first. Nine and then 10 and 11. Make sure of that. Yeah. Here's the sound bite number 9. This is Bob Griese, ESPN. He's doing the color commentary of Minnesota-Ohio State.GRIESE: First time we saw Jeff Gordon up there in the top five, isn't it?PASCH: Where's Juan Pablo Montoya? GRIESE: He's out having a taco.RUSH: That was Bob Griese. Now, it's interesting. I'm looking at people's...

Why NY-23 Isn't a Third-Party Race

RUSH: In NY-23, Real Clear Politics: "Doug Hoffman, plus five." Doug Hoffman may in fact win this with nowhere near the amount of money the two Democrats have. I know there's a Democrat called a Republican, but we actually have two liberal Obama Democrats, one calling herself a Republican, and you've got the Reagan conservative Hoffman in there. Tim Pawlenty threw in with him today, by the way, so you have Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Rick Santorum, who else? (interruption) Sue Collins endorsed...

Dingy Harry's Sleight of Hand: An "Opt-Out" of the Public Option

RUSH: All right, here is Dingy Harry yesterday afternoon at a press conference in Washington.REID: The best way to move forward is to include a public option with the opt-out provision to states. Under this concept, states will be able to determine whether the public option works well for them and will have the ability to opt out if they so choose. Believe that a public option can achieve the goal of bringing meaningful reform to our broken system, will protect consumers, keep insurers honest...

Ignorant Media Misses Our Satiric Tweak on the Obama Thesis Hoax

RUSH: Okay, as always, it is up to me to provide context for the people who claim to be professional journalists and are aware of everything. Now, the setup for this, of course, is that I was libeled and slandered by countless members of the media, fabricated quotes, made-up quotes I never stated, never uttered, never wrote, nothing, were repeated all over this country by sportswriters, television cable hosts and so forth. After we proved to them that I didn't do it they retracted it a week later,...

Opening Monologue Delivered Flawlessly Despite Little Sleep

RUSH: You know, I can't go away for one day without all hell breaking loose. Giant mess, have to come in here and clean up but I'm up to the task, folks, I'm up to the job. I got in last night at 5:30, I got a little show prep, I got to bed at 6:30 so I'm here on an hour and a half. You have been warned. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. The airport was closed again. The airport was closed from 12:30 to 5 a.m., runway construction,...

Rush's Morning Update: Up to You October 28, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Up to YouOctober 28, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer On Monday, when Dingy Harry Reid announced he included the so-called public option in the Senate health care bill, liberals like New York Senator Chuck-U Schumerdid a happy dance;the left's 60-year-old dream of socialized medicine, they think,is one step closer to being realized.Reid's plan includes a "moron" clause, supposedly allowing states...

Tuesday Quotes: Leader of the Opposition

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"I don't want anything to ever happen to Barack Obama, but especially because Joe Biden is number two." "If you want to know who Barney Frank is, he is Enron, AIG, WorldCom, Global Crossing, and all the rest wrapped up in one -- and worse. Barney Frank is an example of what is wrong with Soviet-style industrial policy." "People are saying, 'Rush, we need third party.' No, we don't. We need to retake the Republican Party. I mean,...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1:Rasmussen: Americans in No "Rush" for Flu ShotsRUSH: How about this headline from Rasmussen -- I wonder if this headline is an accident -- try this: "Americans In No Rush for Flu Shots Despite Swine Flu Outbreak." Now, wasn't it last week that the man-child president declared a national emergency over this? Now, you would think that if there was still a whole bunch of national cult-like followers of Obama, that there would have been a mad dash to get vaccinated. "President Obama may...


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