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Rush's Morning Update: Waiting October 29, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Waiting
October 29, 2009

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For over a year, there have been warnings that our military face deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan. Candidate Obama, remember,claimed that if elected, he would withdraw from Iraq, the so-called war of choice, and focus on Afghanistan-- which hesaid wasthe "war of necessity."

Well, despite all the promises and all the warnings(including dire pleas for additional troops from Obama's handpicked general on the ground),the military still awaits a decision from their Commander-in-Chief. This week, while they wait, multiple bomb attacks killed more American soldiers,making October the deadliest combat month since the war began after 9/11.

As terrorists become emboldened, the death toll in Pakistan and Iraq is also rising. There was even a deadly terror strike against Iran. The entire region seems to beimploding.

Democrats here upbraided Dick Cheney after he called out Obama for "dithering" in Afghanistan, yet the State-Controlled Media will not ask Obama why his decision is taking so long,or if domestic politics are a factor. Nor do they question the time he spends fundraising, campaigning, golfing (poorly, I might add), playing basketball, attending White House concerts --while the troops wait...and die.

If you don't like the word "dithering," then come up with another word.But it is clear:neither national security, nor the war in Afghanistan, is top priority for this "young administration", but it is a top priority for our brave fighting troops --and for the parents of those fallen,who are still waiting, in vain, for presidential leadership.


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