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Wednesday Quotes: An Army of One


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"The era of Reagan will never be over because it is the era of our founding, of individual freedom, of American exceptionalism."

"Folks, this is the 45th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's Barry Goldwater speech, the 'rendezvous with destiny' speech. I remember watching it, and I remember saying, 'Get this guy on the ticket.' I was 13 years old."

"Nobody's going to measure up to Ronald Reagan because there's only one Ronald Reagan. The only person who could come close would be me, and I don't want the pay cut. I'm just kidding."

"Alan Grayson, if you would've said 'K Street ho', the National Football League might have asked you to become an owner of one of their teams. But no: you went out there and used the word 'whore'."

"In 1960, it was all about keeping communism out of this country -- JFK didn't want a communist country. But now we have an administration with members saying their favorite philosopher is Mao Tse-tung. Next we're going to learn that somebody else in this administration admires Josef Stalin."

"What do I think is going to happen in 2010? I think there's going to be an uprising. I think the American people are going to show up in droves. And if I didn't think this, folks, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing."

"Folks, the battle that we face today is the same battle that we faced in 1964. Theonly difference is that the biggest threat to our freedom was external in 1964; today it's internal."

"Everything is a scam or has a scam aspect to it. See, I have a general distrust of government, folks. And this is why, when Kathleen Sebelius said, 'You must get the flu vaccine,' I said, 'No, ma'am.'"

"The vast majority of people who have ever lived on this planet have lived in tyranny (or some sort of relationship to it). The concept of American exceptionalism is that we are -- and have been since our founding -- the lone outpost for freedom, and if we lose it here, there's no place else in the world to go to have it."

"When you boil it all down, liberal women are unhappy because liberal men treat them like dirt. Besides, liberals, by definition, can't be happy. Period."



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