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Thursday Quotes: Your Conservative Rock


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"I said I'd have a beer with McNabb. How about a beer summit? Show how great a unifier Obama is, a beer summit with me and McNabb."

"Nancy Pelosi's never cared about economic reality before because she's insulated from it. She is wealthy. Her husband is wealthy. They are wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. She is George McGovern on hormones, steroids, and everything else."

"Barack Obama today was talking to small business owners about health insurance reform and the economy, and I actually think every sentence that he said to these guys began with 'F-you'. They don't know it, but it did."

"Joe Biden said (paraphrase), 'If we get this wrong, I'm dead.' Remember him saying that? Joe, you haven't gotten anything right since you went the plug route."

"The administration's out there touting 30,000 jobs saved, and now we learn that that's fraudulent, that it was overstated. Folks, I'm rarely rendered speechless, but at those moments when I am rendered speechless, it's only because I am on the verge of profanity. So, let's take a little break."

"This Obamacare bill ought to be renamed the Move Back in with Mommy and Daddy Act of 2009 when they get it passed. This is not a joke, folks."

"The whole idea that government's going to spark competition is another one of those assertions that gets me very close to the string of profanity. The government can run deficits -- you can't!"

"I don't want to slight anybody, but I don't recall ever being defended like this at such a high level of power. I'm not used to it, and it just hit me hard in a grateful way. So I want to thank Steve King, and I want you all to know what he did."

"Snerdley just asked me if I've ever met Roger Goodell. Yeah, I have met Roger Goodell. It was in Pittsburgh back in January, at the AFC championship game. No, he didn't say, 'Well, Mr. Divisive, how are you?'"

"If I had a trillion bucks, how many jobs do you think I'd create? Two. I'd pay myself all but a hundred thousand of it, and hire an assistant. Ha, ha! The staff is shocked."



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