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The Hutch Writes a Hot Column

RUSH: Well, look who got through. Our good friend the Reverend Dr. Ken Hutcherson from Seattle, former player, National Football League and now a man of the cloth in Seattle. Hutch, great to have you here. What's up, buddy?HUTCH: How you doing, my man.RUSH: Pretty good.HUTCH: Are you okay?RUSH: Yeah. Oh, yeah, I'm fine.HUTCH: Hey, that was great from the Senator from Iowa. I just want to congratulate you. He laid it out on Goodell.RUSH: Steve King, I was stunned when I saw that. It...

A Caller Explains Cap and Trade

RUSH: Naugatuck, Connecticut. This is Patty. Nice to have you on the program. Hello.CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.RUSH: You bet.CALLER: I wanted to just talk about one thing, and I'm going to try to talk about it as fast as I can because there's so much to it, but it's the cap trade one segment about carbon being the new derivative for Wall Street. It's my understanding in reading some of the things that I have that Wall Street is pushing this cap-and-trade...

Inside Pelosi's Health Care Bill

RUSH: I have 'em on one page, some of the tax increases in the Pelosi bill. They're not just tax increases, but you remember yesterday Obama was out somewhere talking to small business people and said, "If you like your plan and if you like what you're paying for it, if you like your benefits, keep it, nothing's going to change." Page 94, Pelosi plan: "Prohibits the sale of private individual health insurance policies, beginning in 2013, forcing individuals to purchase coverage through the federal...

Barack Obama: The Destroyer

RUSH: Now, the White House press briefing occurred, Robert Gibbs daily briefing, CBS News correspondent Bill Plante pressed Gibbs on this jobs report.PLANTE: You're making these jobs that you say have been counted so carefully sound like a scientific -- a number that can be observed scientifically.GIBBS: At three o'clock you'll be able to observe it holistically on your computer.PLANTE: Each one of these so-called saved or created jobs represents a concrete new job or saved job?GIBBS: Yes.PLANTE:...

Don't Wallow in Depression, Just Stop Obama's Radical Agenda

RUSH: B.C., Birmingham, Alabama, great to have you on Open Line Friday. Welcome to the program.CALLER: Look, you've been saying for months that you would tell us when to panic. I'm beginning to think we're at that point. For example, they put us into multigenerational debt, they've totally screwed our banking and financial institutions, wrecked two of our auto manufacturers, they're creating this vast pool of unemployed with little hope for immediate relief and more of it on the way. They are,...

Christie to Corzine: Man Up!

RUSH: Let's go to New Jersey very quickly with the audio sound bite here before we have to take a break. This is Imus on the Fox Business Channel yesterday morning. He had the candidate Chris Christie, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in New Jersey. Imus said to him, "How fat are you?" Because Corzine had been running little ads here implying that Christie is a fat slob. Sort of like what Obama has been saying about Creigh Deeds, unkempt, tie is askew, doesn't always comb his hair, looks...

Liberals Flummoxed by NY-23

RUSH: Let's go to NY-23. This is an interesting piece here, Chris Cillizza, Washington Post blog, The Fix: "What NY-23 Means." I love it when the State-Controlled Media starts examining a political race that has a dominant conservative in it. "Two things have become abundantly clear about the special election in New York's 23rd district over the past week," writes Chris Cillizza. "The first is that Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman could win," damn it! "The second is that neither major...

Liz Cheney Slams Obama on Dover

RUSH: Brooklyn. Vinny. You're next. Hello, sir.CALLER: Hello, El Rushbo, mmm, mmm, mmm.RUSH: Yeah, I love that.REPORTER: Listen, two days ago, and I only heard this once, ABC reported that President Obama did a midnight run to Dover airfield base. My first question to you is I've never heard of any other president doing that, and why would he go out to view the dead coming back from Afghanistan? I mean this seems like some kind of, look at me, I'm the president, you see how sorry I feel...

Elected Republicans Begin to Recognize Obama's Radicalism

RUSH: Back in February, a member of Congress wanted to have a conversation with me. A member of Congress that The Politico says is now trying to run away from me and marginalize me, don't want any part of me. By the way, I'm hearing from more Republicans than ever the last two weeks wanting to keep me in the loop about what they're doing. The same Republicans The Politico says have no interest and are worried that I am hurting them. So anyway, during this conversation with this congressman back...

See, I Told You So: GDP = CIG

RUSH: So, folks, it's time to get happy out there, a million new jobs created or saved, the recession's over. Ah, ah, ah, wait. Just yesterday, everything was coming up roses, right? That phony, fraud GDP figure. This from Reuters: "Consumer spending in the United States fell in September --" see? This is exactly what I told you yesterday. GDP equals CIG. Gross domestic product equals CIG: consumption by consumers, investment and growth by business, and spending by government. That's...

The Messiah: Obama Saves

RUSH: By the way, from State-Controlled Associated Press: "The White House also today announced the results of a study indicating impressive results in President Obama's post-Bush Afghanistan war effort. According to a report overseen by Vice President Biden, two-and-a-half million Afghan lives were created or saved thanks to President Obama. The White House study indicates that had President Obama maintained the Bush-Cheney-Rove war strategy, 500,000 additional American and Afghan soldiers would...

Even State-Run Media Doesn't Buy Obama Lies on Stimulus Jobs

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the White House is -- not even the State-Controlled Media is buying this, by the way -- the White House, earlier this week, maybe last week, they put out this number -- 30,000 jobs saved or created by the stimulus. And the press said, "No, it's not 30,000, it may be 10,000," and gave us details, such as that Florida daycare center that claimed they saved or created 129 jobs with their stimulus money when in fact all they did was give people already working there a raise....

Rush's Morning Update: Ego! November 2, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Ego!November 2, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Hey, folks: Secretary of StateClinton, in Pakistan, had what the State-Controlled Media called a "lively exchange" with students at a government university.During a question-and-answer session, Mrs. Clinton said thatthere was "a huge difference" between Obama's and Bush's approach to Pakistan. She said: "I spent my entire years in the Senate opposing...

Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"The GOP wants to offer an alternative health care plan, and that's a waste of time. Just stop the Democrat plan. Nothing more, nothing less.""You see how politely I did that? The caller asked me if he could continue, and I said, 'No.' Now, most hosts would be yelling at him, and then yelling at their call screener -- which I will do in mere moments. Hee-hee. Snerdley's on the phone now giving the guy grief. You ought to see Snerdley!"...


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