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Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!


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"The GOP wants to offer an alternative health care plan, and that's a waste of time. Just stop the Democrat plan. Nothing more, nothing less."

"You see how politely I did that? The caller asked me if he could continue, and I said, 'No.' Now, most hosts would be yelling at him, and then yelling at their call screener -- which I will do in mere moments. Hee-hee. Snerdley's on the phone now giving the guy grief. You ought to see Snerdley!"

"Hoffman, Christie, and McDonnell in Virginia all teach the same lesson: Reagan Republicans win. You know, Sarah Palin is way ahead of the curve of the media and the party elites here."

"Snoop Dogg, who has a rap sheet longer than my leg, has just been hired to do promo commercials for the NFL pregame show on ESPN, yet I, El Rushbo, am 'divisive'. I'm thinking I better go out and commit some crimes and do some time -- then maybe the NFL and the Democrat Party will have me."

"Look, folks, you have to understand: leftists are propagandists, and they live by photo-ops. Vinny in Brooklyn had it exactly right."

"There's a big difference between Billy Mays and Obama: Billy Mays told the truth. If you bought something from Billy Mays, it worked. His companies all showed a profit. I mean, there's no comparison."

"I'm close to losing my temper here. Mr. Gibbs, your boss has destroyed millions of jobs, small businesses, and the lives of countless American families. What is this excrement about jobs 'saved or created'?"

"The economic heart of America's engine is its people; not Barack Obama. The intellectual heart of this nation is our people; not Barack Obama. And the last best hope of this nation is our people; not Barack Obama."

"Please do not get caught in this trap, folks. Please do not allow any of your happiness or any of the validation of your own point of view to be brought about by the mainstream media agreeing with you. Forget it. You're forever going to be miserable."

"When the White House goes after somebody, it just makes me believe that somebody."



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