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Rush's Morning Update: The Mission November 3, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: The Mission
November 3, 2009

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A month ago, the State-Controlled Media couldn't have cared less about Republicans' chances in the off-year elections. Today, all eyes are on New York, New Jersey, and, to some extent, Virginia. (Although the only question in Virginia is the magnitude of defeat for Democrat Creigh Deeds, who Obama threw under the bus last week.)

The race for governor in New Jersey's tight. Even though it's long been a Democrat state, these days the most popular jewelry for elected New Jersey Democrats is a pair of handcuffs. If all the Democrats arrested for corruption in the state were housed in one jail,they'd have toshut it down due to overcrowding. The one issue for New Jersey voters is: How much stench is enough?

New York's 23rd District has turned out to be the race to watch. With the liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava dropping out over the weekend-- and endorsing the Democrat!-- Conservative [Party] upstart Doug Hoffman has an excellent chance of victory. That would be a cold shower of reality for the inside-the-beltway Republican establishmentwho've been anxious to field so-called moderates, blur the ideological lines between the parties, and jettison the Reagan legacy of conservatism.

We have the most radical leftist administration in American history working in tandem with the most radical leftist Congressto destroy our free economy --and the very infrastructure of capitalism. Today, voters can proclaim their resistance.

The mission'sclear:Go forth and vote. Finish. It's time to rescue America from the Democrat Party and itsdestruction. Asit's been popularly said, "Let's roll!"


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