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Monday Quotes: Leader of the Opposition


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"The greatest casualty with liberalism and political correctness is truth -- and that, as we're witnessing, leads to an erosion of freedom."

"I first heard about this movement in 1979; global cooling was going to kill us. Then, by 1984, it had become global warming. Basically what they were saying is that advanced lifestyles, progress, is killing the planet, and that premise is something that I have rejected from the get-go."

"When I was in college I said, 'What am I doing here? There's a radio station mere miles from here where I could be pursuing my life, and I'm stuck here in a ballroom dance class, driven here by my mother. To hell with this!'"

"Dumb has nothing to do with IQ. Some of the smartest, highest-IQ people around us are the most idiotic, stupid, uninformed people you could ever run into because their arrogance and conceit tells them they don't need to learn anything because they already know it."

"Here's the Media Tweak of the Day: If anyone hacked into Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi's computer, we would find the same kind of fraud and deceitas we have found in the global warming scam."

"I think that may be my problem with liberals: I just have too much common sense. Common sense, belief in God, belief in right and wrong... I'm a threat. Ditto Sarah Palin."

"I had a very fortunate thing happen to me: I was born a Limbaugh. I learned starting at nine what liberals are, who Democrats are, and so one of the greatest things I'm thankful for is being born a Limbaugh."

"If you missed the first hour of this program, let me sum up for you: Liberalism is a lie. All of liberalism is a lie. The media are liberals, and therefore they promulgate lies."

"I know who Obama is. I know who educated him. I know who raised him. I know who his mentors were. I know who his friends are. And I only had to listen to him apologize for his own country once to have all of those associations and their importance to him confirmed."

"If somebody needs a political answer, you need to be the go-to guy, and let me tell you how you become the go-to guy: Heritage Foundation, me, and Mark Levin's books."



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