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Tuesday Quotes: The Truth Detector!


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"Everything the Democrats are behind today is a fraud and a lie aimed at separating you from your freedom, your property, and your money."

"I guarantee you that as we speak, the hoaxers and everybody involved in this global warming scam -- from Algore on up -- are plotting strategy on how to keep forging forward because there is a hell of a lot of money at the end of this train."

"Dittocam viewers are effusive in their praise todayof the color of my shirt: 'You look good in red out there.' Actually, it's more of a salmon color."

"The left's ideas are so hideous, are so insidious, so anti-free market, that they have to dress their ideas up in a phony cloak of compassion: saving the planet, saving the polar bears, saving the water, saving the earth, saving whatever it is. It's infuriating."

"In a real world, the media would be tracking down Algore, wherever he is, and demanding an interview. They would be demanding to ask him about the phony science and the hoax that he has built his postpolitical career on."

"I know that liberals have to lie about who they are, what they believe, and what their agenda is. Look, what other movement needs a wordsmith to tell them how to say things which are not true, in order to make people believe them? Who the hell has people like that?"

"I have a job creation idea. Practically every textbook used in American education today is filled now with lies about global warming. Those textbooks are going to have to be destroyed and rewritten with the truth. Think there might be some jobs available there?"

"David Obey wants middle class households to pay 1% on top of their tax liability. I saw that and I thought, 'Thank you, Lord, for our enemies.' Let the concept of tax increases for people making 30 grand a year get tied with Velcro to the Democrat Party."

"I can't stand braggarts, arrogance, conceit, liars, and all that. But the one thing that really bugs me is when people in power knowingly manipulate the emotions of good, decent people for the express purpose of negatively altering those people's lives."

"This is a small man, folks. Obama is a small and petty, spoiled little man. This is a small, cold, petulant little man."



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