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Friday Quotes: Open Line Friday!


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"When a 20-something Muslim male buys a one-way ticket with cash and has no luggage, that's not a dot. That's a fire alarm! He may as well have 'I'm a terrorist' taped on his T-shirt."

"Good Lord, do you people not understand in the media that Obama is responsible for all of these job losses? Government stimulus mathematically, economically, is not possible."

"I think the Associated Press writes their stories just to amuse me and to get me to mention them."

"I want to know, ladies and gentlemen, where does the buck stop with jobs? We were told yesterday in an attempt to sound like Harry Truman that the buck stops with Obama, when he really means Bush, on all these terrorist snafus. But where does the buck stop on jobs?"

"I think south Florida is the only part of the country, maybe the only state, that doesn't have some snow on the ground. I mean we literally have here a deep freeze, totally missed by science and totally missed by the National Weather Service wild guessers."

"You can't stimulate an economy by taking $50 million out of it and then putting the $50 million back in."

"James Carville worried that they could measure his penis in a full-body scan. James, don't worry. It wouldn't take long."

"I don't mean to be a downer here, but what's frustrating is that once again this government's governing against its own citizens."

"Senior management is always on the clock, but not in this administration."

"The Dittocam at RushLimbaugh.com is now in HD; and it's being provided via Flash video, which is a great step up."



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