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Monday Quotes: Pearls of Wisdom


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"The Democrats want all these jobs, but they hate the engine that creates them. It's just absolute hatred of capitalism. It's amazing."

"If the Medicare prescription drug benefit is so bad, President Obama -- if it's such a strain and drain on us -- then repeal it."

"Obama's spending is much higher than Republican spending. Obama is delusional, and he's being a little bit disingenuous."

"There aren't any middle-class tax cuts in Obama's budget. There are one-time tax rebates, but there aren't any middle-class tax cuts, and the middle class knows it."

"They've got windmills in Minnesota. You know what? The windmills have stopped working. You know why? Because it's cold!"

"'Letting the Bush tax cuts expire' is known as 'raising taxes.'"

"Barack Obama cannot tell the truth. Constitutionally, he's not capable of telling the truth."

"The fact that you don't want their health care bill means Democrats will want it even more. They hold us in contempt."

"When's the last time you saw a Republican get any meaningful coverage on TV to grandstand or look like an idiot, either one?"

"The White House keeps saying KSM is guilty. If this trial does take place in a civilian court with American rules of justice, this case gets thrown out the first day -- and if you are Eric Holder, and if you are Barack Obama and you want these defendants to get off scot-free, this is the way you do it."