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Friday Quotes: Open Line Friday


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"People ask, 'Rush, how long are you going to do this?' I won't retire 'til every American agrees with me. Well, Obama is making that happen!"

"When there is less snow, the alarmists say that's because of global warming. When there is more snow, they say it's because of global warming. Now, you cannot have it both ways, otherwise you're contradicting yourself and proving that all you are is on a political mission."

"You think of all of the billions that have been spent ostensibly to protect things and people from global warming, and it's all been a scam, nothing more than a huge transfer of wealth. It is a giant scam. It is political corruption."

"Someday -- I'm patient -- it's been 20 and a half years behind the Golden EIB Microphone, yet someday, you are going to learn not to doubt me."

"Snerdley just asked me: 'Patrick Kennedy's not going to run. Is this the last of the Kennedys in Congress?' And I said: 'Yeah, and if I could somehow get the word to my dad it might bring him back to life.' It could, folks, it really could."

"The views expressed by the host on this program make more sense than anything anybody else out there happens to be saying, and there's always somebody out there."

"We weren't waiting for somebody to lower the seas; we were waiting for an elected official in an executive branch to lower the sea of red ink and to get some sensibility back to budgeting."

"We were waiting for a leader with guts to heal the spending sickness that grips bureaucrats and big spenders in legislature after legislature after legislature. This is the kind of thing the tea party people are demanding."

"Budgets are going to have to be balanced to avoid bankruptcy, and every time a state's governor takes the lead in returning fiscal sanity to his or her state, Barack Obama's going to be made to look that much weaker and that much more ineffective."

"Ladies and gentlemen, is it wrong to love another man, because I love Chris Christie. He's taking on rich union contracts. This is what is going to have to be done at the state and city level to balance these budgets. That's where all of this waste is, that's where all the stimulus money went that was spent last year. It went to bail out states to make sure that public employee union people were not laid off. But the day is coming."



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