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Rush's Morning Update: Waiting February 15, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: Waiting
February 15, 2010

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Last week, a group of black leaders were invited to the big house to have a sit-down with Obama about jobs...or, more accurately, the lack of jobsin their communities. The Urban League and NAALCP were in the house, along with Al Sharpton. The Reverend Jacksoneither wasn't invited -- or perhaps couldn't pass the Secret Service background check for once saying he wanted to cut Obama's onions off.

Predictable outcome. The White House said they talked about the challenges facing "disadvantaged communities." Revered Al pressed for "targeted relief" and wants to "be included in the process." Benjamin Jealous of the NAACLP attacked Republicans for obstructing Obama's health care takeover and additional stimulus spending, which he claimed helps minorities.

How about some "targeted" truth for the black community, hmm? Try this. Obama and the Democrats had a full year with enough votes to pass anything they wanted through both houses of Congresswith no Republicans -- and they did. We've had over a trillion dollars in stimulus spending, and there are still no jobs!

Here's another targeted truth. Obama, Sharpton, & Company don't have the slightest idea how jobs in the private sector are created or how businesses or the economy works. They're agitators,not job creators.

Final targeted truth. Those of you sitting around waiting for Obama, Sharpton, & Company to make your life betterhad better figure out how to get it done without them... otherwise, you'll still be waitinglong after Obama and Sharpton are gone.


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