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Rush's Morning Update: War On Who? February 16, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: War On Who?
February 16, 2010

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Hey, folks: the Obama administration's waging war on history, common sense, the truth, and American triumph.

Let's start with Joe "Plugs"Biden. On Sunday, he declared that the war in Iraq wasn't "worth it." A bone-chilling slander on every American --especially on the families of fallen troops. This, after Biden claimed last week that the Iraq war could one of the greatest achievements... of the Obama administration. This, my friends, is certifiable. Both he and Obama did everything they could to undermine Bush's Iraq surge which, turned the war around. (AndBiden wanted to split Iraq into three ethnic partitions, if you recall.)

Next, Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan defended this brain-dead decision to give the Fruit of Kaboom bomber Miranda rights. In an editorial last week, Brennan slammed those who dared to object-- who are most of the American people! Brennan accused us of "politically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering," which only serves "the goals of Al-Qaeda." (Actually, giving Miranda rights serves the goals of Al-Qaeda, doesn't it?)

Anyway, as if that wasn't enough,on Saturday, Brennan minimized the number of released terrorists who go back to the battlefield. "Twenty percent isn't that bad," he said. Yes:Obama's top advisor believes that if 20 percent of captured terrorists we releaseattack our troops again, it "isn't that bad."

Friends, this is a strategy for disaster, not winning. But let's not forget thatObama said he's uncomfortable with the concept of "victory." Obviously, he has assembled the perfect team to avoid it.


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