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Wednesday Quotes: The Truth Detector


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"We have just been delivered the biggest pile of manure yet with this Obama health care speech. Practically every line is not true."

"Nobody is this stupid to think that this health care bill is going to end our trouble. Now, they may be this ideologically blind, but nobody's this stupid."

"General Motors is preparing for another management shakeup. Does that mean we're getting rid of Obama?"

"Man, I pity all those poor transportation workers that had to take an entire day off from work, with pay. It's tough out there."

"Jim Bunning, I think we need to applaud the guy, and I think he has shown the way. The Jim Bunning approach should be used across the board now."

"If the Democrats are going to violate the budget reconciliation process, then shut the damn place down. Shut it down. It's time to take a serious stand. There's enough talk that's gone on now."

"It really is time for Republicans to stand for the people who are paying for all of this, and that's us. Government is not supposed to be about redistribution and subsidies and payouts and bribes and kickbacks to union people. It is supposed to be about promoting a healthy society and freedom for the individual within an ordered system called the Constitution."

"Whatever Obama says, whenever he says it, the expiration date is just seconds after he finishes."

"If you want to know what Keynesian economics is, you're living it: Barack Obama, massive government spending, massive debt, massive redistribution of wealth, the lie that government spending, deficit spending can propel economic growth."

"We all know there has to be inbreeding in Massachusetts, so why not for Knut?"



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