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Friday Quotes: Open Line Friday


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"All of this talk of reconciliation is just another head feint. Once the House passes the Senate bill we've got Obamacare."

"The White House is out there saying how good the unemployment number woulda been without the snowstorm. What I would say is, how good would it be without fear of tax increases, cap and tax, Obamacare."

"The Obama administration at a lot of levels, over at the Pentagon, in the White House, they view their mission as to manage an America in decline."

"There is not going to be reconciliation. This is Sauron getting the ring and then letting Gollum have it for a couple minutes so he'd get it back."

"Nobody utilizes precious broadcast moments better than I do. Are you still eating raisins? Do you know what raisins are?"

"Everything coming out of the Senate is a distraction intended to keep your eye off where the real action is. The action is the head count in the House."

"The cost of doing business in the United States today, as you know, is very high. There's no economic growth. People are being laid off. People are not being hired. The growth is occurring in the public sector."

"This is a guy Obama wants on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a guy who thinks the chief justice of the United States is too radical because he believes in private property rights and free enterprise. If Obama picked this guy, that's what Obama thinks, too."

"Reconciliation is not the endgame here. The House passing the Senate bill is the endgame."

"I'll tell you when it's too late. I'd be in New Zealand if it was too late. I'll tell you when we reach the tipping point. We're nowhere near it. We're still the United States of America. A majority of American people have clearly expressed they don't want a shred of what's happening here, and we will stop it."



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