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What Was Missing at the Oscars?

RUSH: Ed in Chicago, you're great, great to have you on the program. Nice to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Hi, Rush. How you doing? Dittos from the --RUSH: Thank you. You bet.CALLER: -- democratic heartland of the Midwest hopefully for not long.RUSH: (laughing)CALLER: Listen, you were talking about the Academy Awards, and I think you missed one of the highlights. The highlight was when Kathryn Bigelow, who won the best director for The Hurt Locker, received her award,...

Dan Rather's Racism: Obama "Couldn't Sell Watermelons"

RUSH: Let me grab a phone call here. We haven't taken one yet today -- I just realized that -- I've been on such a roll. This is Dan in Los Angeles. Nice to have you on the program, sir. Hello.CALLER: Hi. Rush?RUSH: Yeah.CALLER: How you doing?RUSH: Very well, sir, thank you.CALLER: Yeah, I was calling to alert you to the fact of what Dan Rather said on Chris Matthews' show?RUSH: Yeah.CALLER: Were you aware of what happened?RUSH: Yes, I was. We have the audio sound bite here.CALLER:...

Obama is the Evil Insurance Company CEO He Rails Against

RUSH: We just played the sound bites of Obama ripping into the insurance companies for arbitrarily raising rates. Arbitrarily raising rates is the last place arbitrarily rates go up in the insurance industry. That's the last place. The insurance company actuarial figures are the most comprehensive statistics kept in any industry for any reason. There's nothing arbitrary about it. But what's Obama ever done to lower anybody's costs? How much have your taxes gone up since the Democrats controlled...

The Democrat Party is a Gulag

RUSH: Mr. President: "If the American people hate their health care system so much, why are you having to desperately pressure members of your own party to change it?" You know what's going on in the Democrat Party right now is a cleansing. Obama... I forget who wrote this. Some blogger I'd never heard of. It's a fairly decent point. I took it personally at first then I realized I shouldn't have. Barack Obama has done more for conservatism than anybody since Ronald Reagan. He is destroying...

Rush's Advice to the Democrats

RUSH: I will tell you Democrats another thing here. You know, it's very odd that I would be giving you advice that I mean. Many of you Democrats, I understand, will be very suspicious if I attempt to give you some honest, well-meaning advice. But that's what we're going to do. You Democrats in the House, I just want to tell you.Blue Dogs, I don't care. Blue Dogs, you guys are dead anyway if you vote for this.But this is a double-cross. There's no question you're being double-crossed, and I'm...

Obamacare Hits Campaign Trail

RUSH: Folks, you listen to this guy Massa, you listen to the press -- the news stories of what's going on -- and Rahm Emanuel and Obama in the White House. You listen all of this implosion going on. So much of our political news these days sounds like the kind of things that we used to hear from the Kremlin back in the days of Gorbachev, Yuri Andropov, Brezhnev, Stalin, and some of the stuff we're starting to hear coming out of Venezuela. It's just hilarious. Now, here's Obama. This is from this...

Eric Massa Unloads on Emanuel, Obama, and His Fellow Democrats

RUSH: This story speaks for itself. Yesterday morning in Hornell, New York, on a radio station, Washington Week in Review with Representative Eric Massa, Democrat, New York, just listen to these sound bites.MASSA: Rahm Emanuel is son of the devil's spawn. He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote; he would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive. And if he doesn't like that he can come after me personally because -- let me tell you a story about Rahm Emanuel....

Wheels Come Off for Obama as the Democrat Party Implodes

RUSH: It was breathtaking again. I mean literally breathtaking, another Obama speech on health care, Glenside, Pennsylvania. No, it was not the same. There were even more lies in this one. I don't know how he did it, but he got even more lies into this speech than in any speech I've ever heard. And the crowd there had to be entirely union people because they were applauding virtually everything Obama said that will destroy the country as we know it. I mean you would think that the insurance...

Rush's Morning Update: The Problem March 9, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: The ProblemMarch 9, 2010Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Over the weekend, the Washington Post warned the Democrats that their "ethical lapses" might cost them majorities come November. This followed the resignation of New York Congressman Eric Massa, under investigation for sexually harassing a male staffer, and Charlie Rangel, stepping down from Ways and Means under the weight of his scandals. The steady...

Monday Quotes: EIB Original

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"What's happened since Obama took over? Everything is going to hell in a handbasket, and we're running out of handbaskets." "The F-word popularized by me when nobody else had the courage, gonads, and guts to say it, is now popping up everywhere across the political spectrum, as it relates to Obama.""It was breathtaking, another Obama speech on health care. No, it was not the same. There were even more lies in this one. You would...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1:UKT: The End of the Road for Barack Obama?RUSH: UK Telegraph: "The end of the road for Barack Obama? -- Barack Obama seems unable to face up to America's problems, writes Simon Heffer in New York." It's a great piece on how he's a failure; a miserable, out-of-touch failure.Story #2:Frank Rich: Up-or-Down Vote for Obama PresidencyRUSH: Frank Rich, New York Times yesterday, Obama is toast: "We face the alarming prospect that his presidency could be toast if he doesn’t make good on...


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