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Crist Accuses Rubio of Back Wax!


RUSH: It's getting pathetic now. Grab number 27. You know, J.D. Hayworth is running against McCain out there in Arizona and Charlie Crist the current Florida governor is in a tight fight primary. He's losing in the primary to Marco Rubio. So last night Governor Crist was on with Greta Van Susteren. She said, "Sort of a punch-back which occurred previously is that you've said about your opponent, Mr. Rubio, that he's the greatest fraud perpetrated. So it sounds like you've had a couple of punches back as well. What do you say to that?"

CRIST: He had a Republican Party of Florida credit card that he charged a $130 haircut -- or maybe it was a back wax. We're not really sure what all he had at that place. In addition to that, he --

VAN SUSTEREN: Wait a second. Stop.

CRIST: He -- he -- he --

VAN SUSTEREN: Wait. A back wax?

CRIST: I don't know what it was.

VAN SUSTEREN: Wait a second.

CRIST: You know?

VAN SUSTEREN: I know, but I mean, was there a suggestion that it was for a back wax? Are you being flip?

CRIST: I don't know what it was. Uh, Initially we were told it was a haircut. I don't know. You spend $130 for maybe a haircut and maybe other things. Uhhh, I don't know what you do at a salon when you're a guy. I get my haircut for 11 bucks from a guy named Carl the barber in St. Petersburg, Florida, where I grew up. And, you know, to me that's real fiscal conservatism.

RUSH: We got the John Edwards technique being applied here. (sigh) "Real fiscal conservatism" is "11 bucks" for a haircut. So Marco Rubio, he's not qualified, folks, because he might get back waxes. He's not qualified. You need to know this. (laughing)



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