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Monday Quotes: The Truth Detector


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"Greece is not a business story. Greece is a story about liberals and liberalism."

"If you pursue the dollar and only the dollar, you probably aren't going to be happy no matter how much of it you earn."

"Elena Kagan is not the next Harriet Miers. She's the next Barack Obama. This is what everybody's gotta realize: He's simply picking mirror images of himself."

"I don't care where you go, folks: If liberals are in charge of it (with the rare exception of Goldman Sachs) it's in trouble."

"Liberal elitist theoreticians have no clue how real Americans live. They think they know how Americans ought to live, and that is what they want to use the judiciary for."

"Until the world comes to grips with the exact nature of the economic problem, nothing will be solved beyond a short-term bailout of public sector leeches -- who are themselves equally to blame for this mess and who will, at some point, continue sucking the life out of those who actually produce something."

"These bailouts are a bottomless pit. Nothing is real. Nobody has any money."

"California is screwed if liberals are left in charge. Greece has no hope if the socialists continue to run it. Ditto the UK, ditto Spain, ditto Portugal, ditto us in the United States of America."

"Newsweek (on the market, for sale) lost $28 million after a revamp to make it more relevant to the average American. They don't have a clue at Newsweek who average Americans are."

"What ought to be a proverb, if it isn't already, is: 'Never lend to spendthrifts.'"



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