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Guest Host Douglas Urbanski


USA Today: Poll: Obama Response to Gulf Spill Rated Lower than Katrina Efforts
WSJ: BP Dividend Debate: Reminder of Payout Uncertainty

"There's a double standard of the elite Hollywood people. If something like this BP disaster had happened under the watchful eye of George Bush or even John McCain, the celebrities would be up in arms. Yet I would trust the solutions to solving this type of issue to those two men more than the others." -Douglas Urbanski

CBS: Obama Compares Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill to 9/11
DN: Obama Says BP Oil Spill Impact ''Echoes'' 9/11; Relative of WTC Victim Calls President ''Off-Base''

"Is Barack Obama the Mayor Nagin of this oil spill?" -Douglas Urbanski

WT:Numerous Lobbyists Do BP's Bidding

"I'd like to see Hollywood liberals be consistent in their display of compassion and not be such hypocrites. If they truly care about their fellow man and animals, why are they so silent when Obama'sdisplaying incompetence in this oil disaster situation?" -Douglas Urbanski

WT: Leadership in the Abstract
WSJ: "We Are Totally Unprepared"
NYT: Obama Poll Sees Doubt on Budget and Health Care

"America is at a crossroads moment. It's not even about the words capitalism or communism anymore. It's about the word 'individual;' it's about the words 'free enterprise.'" -Douglas Urbanski

LAT:South Carolina Senate Primary Raises Questions

"If you live anyplace where officials have voted for tax increases and more spending, elect them out once and for all." -Douglas Urbanski

ANH:Britain Copies Canada's Debt Reduction Solution

"You never hear any talk about the unions being 'angry,' do you? But the left insists on describing these tea party people as angry -- and what's wrong with being angry about the destruction of this country?" -Douglas Urbanski

NYT:The Very Angry Tea Party

CBS:Report: Abby Sunderland's Dad Inked Reality Deal



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